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Our SNG coach Tim64 is back with part two in his series on variable prize pool SNGS. This week he is taking on Spin & Goes at PokerStars focusing on how to identify and exploit weaker players as well as discussing typical ranges to get you started.


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  • slevina12


    а да кстати,объясните мне неграмотному,что такое капнуть и капнутый спектр! Спасибо
  • vaalay


  • Extramask


    Ahhhh now I can learn how to beat the 1$ Spin&Gos! (irony off)
  • darkrideee


    This is a waste of time in my opinion. I think Tim should make videos on 6max sngs games in wich he has alot of experience and not waste his time in this type of loteries. I mean, this is more or less usseles.
  • ertined


    So cool!
  • Crasywolfzp


    cool video guys///go go game spin and go
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    не плохо)
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    Да ладно это вещь
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    good lesson
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    nice :)
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    can someone tell me how to make easy money????? :D
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    Nice video Tim, one question:
    How many Spin and Go do you have to play to know if its profitable, this kind of game?
  • sola17


    Как и у всех немного везения)
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    stark hier ganz plötzlich die ganzen russischen kommentare zu sehen ;)
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  • Anton1905


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    Ничего так...
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    познавательно, но хочется узнать как выиграть 1 млн
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    good lesson
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  • slowplayupay


    good lesson*
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    nice vid
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    glaub hier geht es um dieses Poker. Kann mich aber auch irren
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    nice game
  • gucky1980


    hezké video, ale je vůbec šance dlouhodobě spiny porážet?
    nice video, but is any change longtime be eV+?
  • gucky1980


    for russian and germany community - write english please, it is international forum
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    Good (y)
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    Good :)
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    great to invest time in such a lotto game.... ;)
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  • ghaleon


    6:06 A2o: Would go for shove preflop. Hand has very poor playability and you had like 14bb or so. Small raise will just get lot of awkward postflop situations and you probably generate no fold equity.

    41:50 Adjusting: I think making adjustment after one action we didnt want to see is easily kind of overadjusting. I mean if we have limped like 5 times or so and he raises once it is pretty likely outcome just from value range.

    55:30 76o: I think its mostly either bet-fold or check-fold in flop. Not strong enough to call really unless bet is like minbet. Flush draw in board plus idio end straight draw so not many good outs overall.
  • Filipo91


    Cool . Good job
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  • Tim64


    #6 Hey darkrideee, I'm happy to make whatever videos you guys want to see, but I disagree that this is a waste of time. People said Rush and Zoom were pointless versions of poker when they first appeared and now they dominate the cash game world. Time will tell if Spins remain popular both for recreational and professionals alike.
  • Tim64


    #18 @jmm88 I think after no more than 1k games you will know whether your game is profitable "in principle", by looking at your chips won/hands graph. It may take longer than this for the profit to manifest, depending on luck and prizepool distribution.
  • Tim64


    #36 @gucky1980 Yes, I believe long term these games are profitable.
  • Tim64


    #47 @ghaleon, Yes shoving A2 here is definitely +EV. It's hard to know what is the most +EV line, however. In this case, you see that by just raising pre (not shoving) we get villain to invest more with a worse hand and lose more postflop. We don't want to avoid all situations that are tricky ;)
  • ghaleon


    #53 @Tim, Definitely we want to have small raise range, but I would compare weak Axo into smallest pockets in this spot. Both has bad postflop playability, but are clearly profitable shoves. So I would construct small raising range from hands with better playability. Stuff like broadway hands and some weaker ones with connectivity.
  • Tim64


    #47 @ghaleon, I agree; it's definitely possible to overadjust or indeed adjust incorrectly. This was our 4th limp/stab attempt in the heads up match, and the first time he raised so indeed it could simply be a value hand. However, once he knows that we are limp/folding, most players will be encouraged to attack the limp with a wider range. So I think it's fine to fold a few hands that are at the weaker end, like the 52s we were subsequently dealt.
  • Tim64


    #47 @ghaleon - 76o: I agree again. We'll mostly be ch/folding here if we don't lead out. We might ch/c if the bet is on the smaller side and/or the other player calls (giving us better actual and implied odds).
  • Tim64


    #54, Yes, I like your suggested small raise range. Of course, the worse villain is, the more hands we can play profitably with a small raise. Thanks for all your comments - appreciated as always :)
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  • buschips


    Lottery Comment for the Lottery Vid. :)
  • darkrideee


    Ok Tim, but you cant tell me that you are more qualified to do spin and go videos than 6max videos or that a spin and go type format is more appealing to a pro sng player than a 6max turbo format. I mean, pokerstrategy does not have any coaches who deal with the 6max format for sngs that do videos, they hire you and they still have no coaches for 6max sngs wich sucks.
  • pianist8716


    oh s**t that was really cool
  • pianist8716


    amazing xD
  • pianist8716


    awesome xD
  • pianist8716


    sensational xD
  • pianist8716


    and of course, SUPERB
  • Tim64


    #60 @darkrideee, I'd be delighted to make some more 6max content for PS.com; please lobby your nearest representative! Thanks again for watching and let's see what we can do :)
  • robypopescu99


    Nice I was looking for spin&go coaching, because its kinda akward that I am losing so much of them and really I'm playing tight aggressive and going all in with the good odds and ahead...and bust.
  • napoleonCZC


    Dobre video doporucuju na nej kouknout za snahu
  • Mojumbo


    Thanks for this! Exactly what I was looking for :)
  • kurrkabin


    + Plus 1 for ghaleon for the offsuited Ax hand. Raising is clearly bad in my eyes. We give our opponent more than good odds to outdraw us(plus he has position on us) and essentially, there are ton of hands that have great equity against us. I mean, he is right to call T4s everytime with that sizing even if he knows you have low offsuited Ax. Also-when u hit the A, people will generally give you credit, so you don't max value from that.


    Thanks for video
  • pearlamb


    if you train hard maybe you il be like cristiano ronaldo of poker
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    thank you for help us to beat this high variance concept
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    Переводчика бы.
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    спасибо, но ничего особенного не увидел
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    can't beat them at all :(
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    nice video
  • pavellllllll


    По моему не очень видео, как то много решений не оправданных, хотя не мне судить :)
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    thank you for help us to beat this high variance concept
  • SteelLucker


    Это очень полезное видео, спасибо Вам за труд и внимание к пользователям!
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    грамотно и красиво))
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    Видио было бы интереснее если бы я понимал еще что он говорит)


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    odd bad game
  • ciepa93


    good video but those need more instructive. very helpful
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    Love the Spin$Go videos, keep them coming!
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    gooooooooooooooo gooooooooooooooooooo
  • adragonro


    Hello Tim, great Video! It helped me alot!
    But I don't quite understand the call at 42:40 where V donks pot on Axx into your JJ.
    As he is very passiv, i cannot imagine any other hand in his range then Ax. In the hand right after that one u mention again that he is very passive. U have the chiplead an the pot is only 4bb big.
  • Bonifacius


    I agree with adragonro. It turned to be the decisive mistake.