Vacuum Defence OOP

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On his third lesson, Stasia4242 focused on blind defence out of position, analysing the situations in vacuum.


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  • KAMI66


    me gusta.....
  • silvy187999


    sorry but for Black members and in english no thx.
  • Aleksandr123456789


  • Zenetti


    very nice video, though i do not think your example hand in the end of your video does explain the advantages of your supertight defending policy versus a very wide Minopen Buttonraise.
    1) of course it always plays nicely, to hit top pair with the absolute top of your callingrange (KDo you would 3Bet i guess)
    2) anyway even the top of your tight range does not really help: In the end Villain has a prefect Valuebet against you with 13 Sets, 20 Two Pair headed by a king, 16 TPTK (KD counts as TPTK, cause there is no King with a better kicker in your Callingrange), 20 streets (74s, 97), and some additional random 2 pair like 85s and 86s. Thats quite a lot, over 70 Kombos, and allows him to bluff accordingly (after this board rundown any no pair hand has no SDV at all, even not ADo)
    3) so your great hand KJo is nothing more than a simple Bluffcatcher. It is pretty clear that you would have accomplished the same result with any King in your Defendingrange, even a not so pretty K2o or K4o. So this hand pretty well demonstrates, why it may be profitable to defend wider against a wide range. In a Vakuum u could just defend according to a GTO approach, filtering your range arriving the river. Anyway after your read on the meak Turn Cbet, in the end any Top Pair is a happy Call against Villains polarized Riverbet, to my opinion even a pair of 7s
  • alendelon911


    nice video
  • guenni187


    ooooooo sorry I really think thats nothing for me here.
  • Magik4ever


    looking forward to next lessons, keep them coming, good job
  • davidboss77777


    tare de tot
  • Zenetti


    This video surely delivers solid content by suggesting the Blinds to cut their losses by folding more. Quite a simple approach, but I do expect a little more from a platinum video. Especially in the Big Blind versus Button Spot it sounds just ridicolous, to fold 75% versus a Button Minraise. We cannot allow the Button to denie us the most profitable Spot (HU vs the SB) for free, especially not in a vacuum. There is no vacuum anymore anyway: As far as we know we are facing a Standard Reg with a full stack, who is up to this point minraising 100% on the Button. I do not want him to continue with this, and therefore I need to show resistance right from the beginning.

    Yes, we have no information about his postflop tendencies. He does not either. Yes, its hard to play out of position with a wide range against a lot wider range. So what, we are sitting here to play poker. To improve our play, we need to face and overcome difficult situations. We even need to make mistakes. We need to learn, how to play wide ranges postflop. We need to develop weapons like Donkbets, Checkraises, Calldowns, out of position Floats. We do not need to spew, we just have to put 1BB in an already 3.5 BB pot and may fold a bad flop after. So please, call anything looking decent. Let the Button spew with his Range full of low equity Bluffs and lets work on our counterstrategies.
  • StAllin


    at this point was weaslz walktrougt my favorit on Videos, but after this serie I have a a new one, these are the greatest Videos ever here on ps. Very good Job!!
  • Shigoto


  • Stasia4242


    @Kami | @Aleksandr | @Alen | @Magik | @Shigoto

    Tx People! :}
  • Stasia4242


    @Zenetti - The hand shown in the end, is just an example of how folding wide from the BB, allows us to reach easier spots Post-Flop VS Wide Range..

    OBV in this spot, there's little difference between KJo and K2o (IYO),
    But imagine all the other possible flops there are
    How easy it is to play them, OOP, in a 2bet pot, VS wide range that bluffs a lot...


    Anywayz it's just a suggestion, and as I said in Lesson number 1, I think that PokerStrategy's 62% Open-Raise from the Dealer range,

    is somewhat of an "Average", leaning towards Regs opening Ranges, rather than Recreational Opening Ranges, that tends to be more Narrow (At least IMO)
  • Stasia4242


    @Zenneti 2 -

    "This video surely delivers solid content by suggesting the Blinds to cut their losses by folding more. Quite a simple approach, but I do expect a little more from a platinum video. "

    This was Lesson no.3 = Vacuum Defense

    We absolutely do NOT know that the Dealer is a reg opening 100% of range, and I think this is a very common mistake of every player,

    To assume that the opponent plays like "US"...

    Most of the players I've seen open tigther than 42% range (Not talking about good and lag regs),

    And defending VS those common player their Range,
    With no Initiative + Capped Range
    Better of folding..:}
  • Stasia4242


    @Stalling - TX a LOT Man! Your Following is much Appreciated! :}
  • Renanms


  • djkirik


    тренеровка замечательная!
  • x25team


    До этого статуса мне еще расти и расти, но думаю это стоит того.
  • djuqpl


    i wish i had blc mmbr :(
  • onoi4ik


    Та да быстрее бы статус...
  • KosttuxxRNMD


    nice information.
  • alendelon911


    good video
  • lenonmadeve


    mais informaçao cara
  • DendiSergey


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  • AK2016KA


  • Stasia4242


    @DJkirik, @Hoover, @AK - Bolshoye Sposibo :}
  • Stasia4242


    @Kostus, @Alen, @Dendi, @Cepan - Thanks! :P
  • Stasia4242


    @LenonMade - E ai como Vai Tudo Bem...?? :O
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  • Bonifacius


    Я думаю, что эта информация будет полезна даже новичкам !
  • Stasia4242


    @Chaprrite - Q isso?

    @Boni - Ya Dumayu Shto eta Information Polezni dla Vseh :P
  • StAllin


    Seehr gutes video, bin ein rießen Fan von Stasia geworden. Platin vlt ein wenig hoch...