Beginners live play show NL10

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  • NL BSS
  • $10
  • Shorthanded
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Our micro stakes coach Confidant91 moves up to NL10 Zoom in his series for beginners. Watch and learn how to crush micro stakes at PokerStars. You can find videos from previous limits by clicking here.


HM2 live play micro stakes podcast PokerStars Zoom

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  • guenni187


    but sorry Diamant and english is not really my Favorits.
  • mariusp93


    for those who want to play micro stakes this is an exccelent video.
  • adimiz


  • parke


    nice :)
  • Aleksandr123456789


  • Shigoto


  • Sharif


    for those who want to play micro stakes this is an exccelent video.
  • Haldamir


    Ein Video mehr das ich Kommentiere. Is das Nicht nett?
    Euch ein schönes WE
  • Renanms


  • dagascos


    very nice job
  • lando1


    I do not quite get the message of the first comment here. The video is in english, but it is not diamond but global.
  • Benrenc380


    It is not nl 10 it is nl 100 i think.or what did you meant nl 10?
  • lenonmadeve


  • harcibarack94


    very interesting
  • DendiSergey


    not bad
  • IraBelka


    thanks interesting
  • AK2016KA


  • gawlea


    I think that HUD is huge for a beginner.
  • maph


    You have opened some kind of openraising chart in the video. Is there a chance to share it with us?
  • maph


    Ok, you already answered my question a few minutes later in the video. Sorry :)
  • donkbane


    a bit loose, isn't it?
  • lllyk


    посмотрел и поумнел)
  • serega6081988


    спасибо интересно поучительно !
  • Benrenc380


    Helpful for playing six max tables i think i could profit a lot from this video.thanks for it.
  • danyclub80


    ok....very good
  • MrBaikal


    maybe next film more about steal and resteal?
  • Kaziboka