Climbing the Stakes - Lowstakes Edition

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $10 - $25
  • Shorthanded
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In the first part of this series our coach Uri Peleg will show you not only in live play how to beat the lowstakes, but also what general advice you should follow to prevail on these stakes and to be able to move up..


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  • mute20


    Awesome i never expected you to make a micro videos hope you can do more of them in the future
  • guenni187


    sorry in english and for Silver Members is not mine.
  • Turgenev


  • Hady23


    nice :)
  • RaikoK


    good stuff as always!
  • davidboss77777


  • Shigoto


  • SparcoPL


    Good job but play with the AKs looks bad for me :)
  • stretchi187


    think its a good video but not easy for me in english here.
  • confidant91


    solid video uri! Nice to see how many notes u are taking :)
  • buschips


    Cool stuff. Cant get enough from Uri.
  • kingtom33


  • golijsp


  • Lucker9200


    awesome vid as always , keep up the good work :)

    @8:37 w AKs on T53s 2 overs+bdfd - can you explain more what makes checking back here worse than a bet in your opinion and would you also cbet it if it was a single raised pot say COvsBB?

    @37:27 KQo 766r facing the minraise - would you be folding any 2 overs type of hand here given these pot odds?

    @44:10 75s KK4s7J - if the guy had shown you Kx in this spot how would you adjust? - would you have entirely dumped the read that handstrength = betsize or would you think hes doing it only w trips or something different?
  • djuqpl


    add to queue :D
    good stuff!
  • mdatanasov


    nice video
  • Sonico555


    Rly good video - can´t wait for more!
  • svonja


    how to beat the lowstakes, nicely explained by Uri Peleg, nice, thanks on this video
  • Maarteen


    Another great video, thanks Uri, nice that you are back!!
  • djang40


    Nice one!
  • DendiSergey


  • hoovergena


    nice video
  • EAsUncleSam


    Nice Video, and it is good to understand even for me with my bad english skills
  • spun11


    NICE video
  • RazDirk


    Is it better to steal 3x or 2.5x? (considering you're stealing ~100%)
  • Fidel22


    nice video
    What is your avg hand/hr?
  • toske1


  • chaprrita77


  • Bonifacius


    Я думаю, что эта информация будет полезна даже новичкам !
  • fabian444


    nice video
  • DrDunne


    07:20 with AJo you say AT+, KQ and TT+ for 3betting, are you 3betting some speculative hands also? I'm wondering because 8.3% feels a little tight for BU 3betting. If you are 3betting these hands it is also capping your flatting range... what about that? Or does this not matter so much since we have position?
  • Laci24


    I really enjoy this video! One of the best stuff on PS. :)
  • bonecore


    What i have learned from this video:
    -On flop we xback TP type hands sometimes, we also xback air and make a delay cbet on turn
    -On flop A high+backdoor FD is strong enough to call 1 bet in HU pot.
    -On flop in 3 way pot we cbet tighter than in heads up pots. We also call tighter.
    -Analyse each SD hand and note what you think is not default play
  • bonecore


    I also think Uri is a fish at this limit because he value bets too big. I mean people notice this more than on higher stakes!
  • bonecore


    i will try to be fish like Uri and make larger bets :)
  • Remedytogo


    awesome vid as always , keep up the good work