Spin&Go - Playing from the SB

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Our SNG coach Tim64 in this webinar go through the basic rules you need to follow and the ranges you can profitable play from the Small Blind. All this is put into in practice while our coach plays live. Enjoy!


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  • negrei


    great video.nobody comment?
  • xman01


  • Extramask


    Nice 4 minutes!
  • Tredix


    Thanks for this video. Very nice. Looking forward for the next coaching!
  • miodrag88


  • Sorvolo


    Hi Tim, thanks for the video 5 STARS... I wanted to know what kind of adjustments can be made to the ranges in stakes higher or vs reg to avoid being predictable. What do you suggest? Limp with our midrange and do OR with our worst cards and to polarize? What is your suggestion adaptation of ranges in higher levels or less BB's?
  • MaksGrey84


    Very nice! Thanks for this video. Very nice. Looking forward for the next coaching! Goog video!
  • Mojumbo


    Love it!
  • MaxTranchida


    Nice video! thanks....
  • Tim64


    #12 @Sorvolo In general you will have to play wider ranges as you move up the limits. This is because players will steal with more hands so you will need to defend more. As you say, when limping from SB, you will need to limp some hands that are capable of being played vs a raising range so that it's not too exploitable. For example, you might consider sometimes limp/shoving a hand like A3o for 20bb against a player who normally raises your SB completes.
  • Apenshin


    not bad, thanks for this video. Looking forward for the next coaching!
  • Arcanis23


    at 23:25, you push over the limp of 2 players with A6o. Isn t the fact, that the bu is already all in make this play bad?. You are bluffing the empty sidepot, meaning, you risking 25bb just to make the sb fold, but you still can loose the hand vs the player already all in.