Climbing the Stakes - The Two Sides of Balance

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $50
  • Shorthanded
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NL50 is the place to start learning how to spot leaks and to defend your own. In this video Uri Peleg will be playing 3 NL50 tables focusing on adapting to different types of opponents.


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Comments (17)

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  • Tredix


    I always thought that my problem is postflop play, but after this vid I realised, that there is so much space for improvements on preflop as well, amazing!
  • DendiSergey


    well done)
  • sandraardnas


    Hey, 21:40
    77 on 257m, you raise, bet and xb river. When he x/c river with all sets, all possible flushes and AsJx then we have split. I guess he would reraise more flushes than sets on flop and call AJ on the river which makes this a shove?
    Also my first though when he was tanking on the river was that he has As Jx, so given his timing I'd shove (As is not too good for him and AJ is similar hand to AsKx, bt I guess most people will se two pairs and flush blocker and will call even on highr stakes), what do you think about it?
  • DerEismann


    Damn, I miss your coaching. :(
  • imrail55


    Cool men good
  • ikplayr


    Good advice
  • StormLorD112


    Hello Uri, coaching is great, but would want it longer - at least ~50-60 minutes, since it feels that there are too little spots for analyzing :) GL
  • Benrenc380


    Really good video this will be useful on higher limits.thanks for it.
  • alendelon911


    nice video
  • sirrybob


    sandraardnas: your thought process sounds correct/good!
    I never analyzed what happens to ranges on the river so I was unsure what to do, but both your range analysis and the timing comment mean it is a clear river shove (again assuming people don't fold sets on river, which I would guess is correct but you never know)
  • fraleb


    16:40 on the ride table
    villain can have a Ten, can have midpair, even TP whatever and then you check the river behind with your Flushdraw O-o
    I can't understand that. Think we have a clear, small value bet. the most of the fishy guys calls a small bet with a Ten.
  • fraleb


    ups i forgot, excellent video ;)
  • fabian444


    nice video
  • MrSmallBart


  • Faraon16


  • adeee3


    Very nice video! :D
  • tukioppilas62


    Hey, thx for the video!

    I would like to ask would you make a liveplay review for pokerstrategy (nl50 zoom) I have an interesting video.