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This webinar by LuckyLukePS was all about 3-betting. Our coach focused on topics such as 3-betting at different stack depths, versus different types of opponents and bet sizings. On top of that after watching this video you will be able to build your 3-bet bluff range and you will learn how to calculate 3-bet shove ranges.


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  • Tredix


    I always thought that my problem is postflop play, but after this vid I realised, that there is so much space for improvements on preflop as well, amazing!
  • dodo899


    ahaa nice
  • Oger88


    About the discussion of 3betting early "for value": It gets to a confusion of terminology. If we just look at JJ as a 3bet for value, but fold to a 4bet, I dont see where the value is.. The argument has to be that he is FLATTING A LOT WORSE HANDS to our 3bet and thats why it is for value, still folding to a 4bet.
  • DendiSergey


  • Ghosdark


  • arthurbk99


    Nice ;)
  • Tikhomirov


  • eddymurphy


    lol not completed video....omg why silver status cannot watch it all...just the 4 min video....and cannot understand what is he talking?
    why PS doesn't give any summary / conlucsion for this video ?
  • kurok46


    будем знать)
  • D0cHoliday


    This webinar by LuckyLukePS was all about 3-betting.