Find and Repair: double2 with Anomic

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In the final part of the "Find and Repair" series, double2 will be reviewing the game of user Anomic, looking at how often he should be calling from the Big Blind and how his post-flop game plan should look like.


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  • AMonteiro131


  • vladinho96


    intelligent move
  • chaosmate


    Altough I really like this new kind of leakfinder video I've found it a littlebit boring after a while. When you filter for a specified spot that is a good starting point but after a few hands frequent situations become redundant. For example in this video you've focused on BB flat and as you mentioned the leak can be in that spots when hero folds too much against an openraise. So if I were you I would change my filter settings after 10-15 hands. Here is an idea: choose a probably questionable range and then you can tell hero why it is a bad move to overfold or not using them as bluff 3bet hands and recommend some situations how to play those hands postflop if hero widens his range. In this way beside real hands we can discuss theoretical situations as well.
  • trueman8888


    I can`t view this video.
  • asimos


  • Tredix


    Nice video, thanks for this, this is player who can explain. Looking forward to see new videos! :)
  • double2



    Thanks for the constructive feedback, that's actually a good idea, i'll try to do that next time.
  • linda82


    sorry no GOLD and no english but thx
  • fcporto0000


  • plmanuelpl


    nie chce mi sie tego komentowac robie to dal biletow!!1
  • Renanms


  • hadzici


    im ready