No Limit Beginner course - Five minutes to learn, a lifetime to master! (5)

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In this lesson beginners will learn what a sample career path of a professional poker player looks like. Where do you start learning - how do you progress? Dedicated forum thread: No Limit Beginners course with confidant91


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  • Tredix


    Thanks for this video. A simple and solid game is enough to crush the lowest stakes and move up!
  • Benrenc380


    Thanks for the video.anyway what limit are you playing currently?
  • fcporto0000


  • plmanuelpl


    nie chce mi sie tego komentowac robie to dal biletow!!1
  • Renanms


  • confidant91


    #6: I am still rebuilding on nl25 and probably i will be there for some time since i got to withdraw some profit plus exams at school are coming, hopefully i will move up during the summer...hope to see you guys on some other coaching :)
  • yeswecanisback


    so good!
  • FlyingDutchm1n


    Dont like the shove at all around 38 min with nutboat but rest of the video was pretty good I thought keep it up.