No Limit Beginner course - Adjustments to the beginner strategy - Pre-flop (6)

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In this lesson we will show how a beginner can improve his game and develop an advanced beginner strategy. Dedicated forum thread: No Limit Beginners course with confidant91


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  • parky0318RNMD


    Really enjoyed video, I think the best part is the playing of hands and your explanations of what you are doing. Watching you in action is easier to learn what to do in certain situations than trying to adjust from just the language of the lesson. I think your most helpful explanations are why you are folding, I tend to want to call down too many hands.
  • Feeblow2013


  • Valeri068


    very interesting
  • D0cHoliday


    Always something to learn ^^
  • kaiser8000


  • flewas


    really nice
  • hadzici


    great hands
  • amarr


    nice one
  • MaF1406


  • Arsmortis7


    helpfull, thanks!
  • dimax181


    Got +150$ in fist 11 sessions on NL5, decided to go up on NL10, fist 2 sessions -50$, returned back on NL5 another -50$ in 4 sessions, however, no serious mistakes done by me and still think strategy works, deviations suck