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Our PLO specialist Kyyberi, started a series of new coaching called the "PLO Buffet". Users can propose any topics they would like to discuss in advance. Our coach chooses the most interesting ones and present them during the coaching. Don't forget to visit this thread and propose your own ideas for the upcoming session!


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  • yabiraa


  • FlyingDutchm1n


    Really liked the part on bluffcatching, definitely one of my weaknesses tend to give my opponents too much credit.
  • Eetung


    Around the 50 minute mark.
    The AAJ2

    Why do we not check / ship the river for value if Villain nearly never holds a better flush then we do? We have the absolute nuts if we cancel out his A High flush possibility.

    And often we will get called by worse, because he invested to much for the bluff and can not say goodbye to some of his hands.
  • Kyyberi


    When opponent bets turn and river, his range is most of the time Ac or nutflush. Best flush we can beat is T-high, and I don't think he calls our river raise with that.

    To make a profitable valuebet, we need to beat over 50% of villain's calling range. As his calling range for our river raise would be weighted towards nutflush, we can't valuebet. Like if he is calling 60% with nuts and 40% with smaller flushes, we can't raise.

    This is really important to understand, even if we beat 99% of opponent's range it doesn't mean we can valuebet. If that 1% is the only hands he will call us it's -EV to bet.
  • njofra13


  • deralte71


    Nice video, liked both the barreling part and the bluff catching