No Limit Beginner Adventures : Introduction

  • Recorded coachings
  • NL BSS
  • $2 - $10
  • Shorthanded
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Our coach Lem0n36 is going to take you on an adventure through some important no limit BSS scenarios. This first lesson will serve as a introduction to our coach, a presentation of what you can expect from the course, recap of No Limit Beginners Strategy, proper utilizing of Equilab for starting hand ranges and live play using beginner strategy. Dedicated forum thread here, enjoy!


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  • andrey2005


    Ни че не понял
  • bandejapaisa


  • ALLLL88


    Не плохо но не совсем понятно
  • DobermanPoker


    не понятно!
  • DobermanPoker


    не понятно!
  • lui69


    Solid standard but kinda hard to listen to
  • DobermanPoker


    Плохо то,что он говорит га английском языке. Ничего не понятно.
  • Ramiska55


    действительно плохо. шутит наверно смешно. но не понятно)
  • zlotkaRNMD


    nic nie rozumiem :)
  • ilostmysoul


    Very informative, I look forward to review the remaining of the series. I only wish there was something for Full Ring fully available to Bronze members as well :(
  • craigjo


    Great coaching, will check out the others
  • totalfish


    omfg! thank you Lem0n36 for this video. I had problem to adjust from full ring to short handed and now i beat NL10 with no problem to paddypower poker. i'm looking forword to the next one. keep up the good work.
  • kopetan


    Норм, но плохо то,что он говорит га английском языке. Ничего не понятно.
  • sirial


    ah nice i think it's a good video for begginers thanks man!
  • MiKaelRus


    Мне такое всегда нравилось. Человек явно уверен в том, что советует, а это немаловажно.