Patterns of Behaviour

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Our coach is looking at patterns in the way we think, as well as patterns we can see in our opponents. He addresses the following questions: when does creative play become overly fancy, when does solid play become mindless automation, how can we balance solid and creative play, what patterns can we identify and exploit in the changing MTT scene? Enjoy the video!


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  • Benrenc380


    Thanks for the video i missed it last time .but now i can watch it.
  • Oger88


    Just stopped it at 5:57 to write this comment:

    I think, that it is very interesting and right what you say there (once you have a profitable style, you just do that over and over again).
    People are talking way to much about "you have to change your game all the time to be a good player". Thats not true In think, if U HAVE A GAME. U need to adopt to all the new tendencies, but that shouldnt`t affect your overall game too much.

    Take persons like Daniel Negreanu.. He´s sucessfull over decades, not playing a different style every year. Of course everyone has to adept, but the baseline is your game (if it´s a profitable one in the first place of course). But there are a lot of different "games" that can be played profitable, if u are the right person for that!
  • tiobeck


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