NL $50 Session Review

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $50
  • Shorthanded
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Session Review

Comments (14)

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  • rex99


  • ethanrox


    bottom line - misclick and make a +EV call on any raise :P
    nice vid, very good discussion on the last hand.
  • w1z4rd


    #3 best misclick
  • zubrils2


    Nice video, thank you! That missclick really worked out great. :) I'm just happy that nobody saw how bad of a play I made at the another table in the same session. For the record - I don't play that tight anymore :)
  • slikec


    Lol i wish my missclicks would end up so profitable D
  • BloodDG


    Really nice vid! Thank you! :)
  • Joenaes


    Lolol that A5o is way too funny :D.

    Very good video btw, learned a lot!
  • alejandrosh


    overbetting gutshots seems to be +ev now :D
  • Talic


    feedback: you have "only" 13.7% equity in the misclicked hand because you have no backdoor flush draws (when you type A5 in equilator it counts also Ah5h,Ah5x,Ax5h...)
  • Talic


    against 22/33
  • gionino


    does anybody know what program he was using to see other players stats?
  • geoka1


    he was using elephant.
  • TheBrood


    I finally know what the top and bottom Elephant stats mean! Beware Mansion regulars >:D
  • JoaoMartins


    "Betting 35$ instead of 3.5$ can be -EV from time to time" XD