Spin&Go Crushing Course

  • Recorded coachings
  • Spin & Go/Twister
  • $1 - $60
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Our coach Tim64 plays a live session of Spin&Goes on PokerStars and climb through the limits from 1$ up to $60. He will show the differences between each stake and the adjustments that need to be done in your ranges and general strategy in order to crush each limit. Enjoy!


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  • Schliessa


    Ich habe die Artikel selbst noch nicht gelesen,doch bei den Goldartikeln gibt es "Schluß mit information-bets".
  • spiritnbd


    Deutschen Soldaten nicht kapitulieren!
  • Feri7


    Hi! Nice vid! A question:
    10:41 "we could flat J8o, but J8s definetly would be a flat her" In Your video series is defending SB vs BU:A8s-A7s, KTs+, QTs+, JTs, A9o, KJo+. In thi spot at 10:41 You dont have any reads about the opponents, why would you change Your defending range?
  • Tim64


    Hi Feri7, that's a good question. As this is a $1 I assume both opponents are likely passive and bad. It means we're more likely to be able to defend hands like J8s profitably b/c the BB will not squeeze so often and both will make mistakes postflop. We don't have any reads but I'm confident in my postflop skills vs less experienced players. J8s is definitely bottom of range here and I think it's fine to fold if you are less confident.
  • Feri7


    Hi. Thx for answer.
  • feliestelar


    lo que hago por 1 punto mas dios mio es increible pero bueno venga a lucrar amigossss!!!!!
  • StabaSvk


    Good nice man..i like it more fun