Getting out of the micros - NL25 without reads

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $25
  • Shorthanded
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Double2 puts in practice the tips he gave you to get out the micros. This time he is live playing 4 Zoom tables at NL25 focusing on wide stealing, defending more on the blinds, not cold-calling 3bets and flatting more on the button. "10 Tips" series can be found here.


3bet 4 bet defending double2 flat live play Nl25 sixtabling Steal Zoom

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  • IvicaIliev77


    Hitting top sets like a boss right off :)
  • m1ha1992


    Foarte bun!
  • mattyvx


    table 3 - we fold 77 to bb 3bet, normally i'm defending 55+ (because i constructed my range like that to defend enough)... can you explain how we decide to fold or call these hands? My view was if villian was 3betting say 3% range it would be a call for implied vs a strong range and if he's 3betting say 12% we need to call to not be exploitable thanks
  • mattyvx


    20:57 sorry
  • Maskoe


    nice video, after watching some of your 10 tips videos i would play almost every hand the same.
    I dont really understand how you decide when to 2nd barrel though, it seems random as fuck and is always accompanied by "maybe im being too optimistic here". You also dont mention what part of the enemy range you want to fold out on those turns. And you dont follow through with a 3barrel once i think, i understand your logic of bluffing too much and that you would bluff with a weaker hand here. GTO, being unexploitable yaddayadda, but isnt it more important to think about what Hands villain is gonna fold? Because sometimes its almost everything, at least in my head.
  • double2



    It's pretty close, I did fold because he made it 2.5bbs->10bbs. I'd have called 2.5bbs->9bbs. Still, it is close and a call should be fine. If villain is 3betting 3% then i agree with you, we could call every PP IP and pin it on implied odds, but once you get to the 5-7% region is not clear cut that you can call every PP, specially with not so great pot odds, which was the case. From 8%+ 3bet you can start calling every PP to a potsize 3bet without problems.
  • double2



    thanks for the constructive feedback. You make a very good point, this is something that I'm changing in my game regarding playing against weak players (lots of regs from 100nl and below). Can you point out some of those examples in this videos? It would be interesting to analyze those, maybe I'll bring those examples up in my soon to come "Academy".
  • Maskoe


    35:10 KJo especially weird bet for me, it was 3way, no scarecard, and i dont see any kind of pair that calls the flop fold the turn and i dont think any Gutshots or A high call flop
    37:30 KQo again i have no idea what kind of hand folds the turn. A high? random 6s and 77?
    these 2 youre under a lot of pressure timewise though
    41:40 KJo, here you have an OESD though, so i kind of get it
    45:50 KQo, here you have a gutshot + overs again

    Im not saying any of these are wrong. Im just interested in your decision making process.
    Personally im always torn between trying to handread very exactly and probably giving my opponents too tight of a flopcalling range -> therefore barreling too little.
    OR just wildy and blindly 2nd barreling as soon as i pick up a Gutshot + 1OC or something.
  • eSKavuS


    35:10 (table1) Do we have a 3 barrel bluff range in this spot + specific runnout?
  • double2



    35:10 KJo, well, it's pretty much an assumptions debate here. You say villain will never fold turn a pair he called the flop with. But in his shoes you might as well say "this guy his 2nd barreling a dry board after he cbeted against 2 players, he's not bluffing enough, I fold my 55" (and this good reasoning IMO). I could also say that if this villain calls twice with A2 then he probably calls flop with a bunch of A highs that fold turn. So, I'm not sure. You're saying on this turn we should bet 3 times or not barrel turn. I'm not sure that's true.

    37:30 This one I think it's clearly fine to second barrel KQ. He does fold A highs he called flop (AT, Axs with bdfd) 2x and maybe some 6x. And we have 6 solid outs. Definitely not a situation where you can say "he folds nothing, I check all my semi bluffs". Checking a hand like 9s5s is a mistake IMO.

    41:40 Standard second barrel I believe... He does fold a fair amount (pairs not a Q that don't have a heart) and we have solid outs.

    45:50 Flop is actually a board where we should check a lot against good players. Turn is actually close, specially since the board paired, so are outs loose value (we are dead to some part of villain's range), so I don't mind a check/fold at all.
  • double2


    @11 Well, value bets: 88+, A4s, A3s, sets. That's ~55 combos. So bluffs should be 20-25 combos. You should plenty of choice there. I'd be looking 9Ts, J9s, JT... If you think villain will be overfolding (IMO we need some stats/reads that support this idea) then bluff a bunch of overs (including KJ, KT, QJ).
  • Spavac


  • KingKas


    Next time 2 Tables Zoom please. The action will be enough, and you will have time to talk about how you play and why you do it.
  • double2



    Thanks, I will take that into consideration next time.
  • Krzych113


    1. I think in quite a few spots you are quite results oriented, you make a Move get called, and than you say it's too light - "a bit too high in our range".
    2. another spot to talk avout maybe is where you check in attempt to fold, and you start to Think because player makes a small bet. I believe we should have a plan, never playing on a hunch maybe Like this.
    3. Then you talk about "overfolding" and you tank out with a top pair v a raise on 3toF River. Vs a guy on the phone. I think there are more situations than this in the video when you're thinking with a bluff-catcher.
    4. You talk a lot, actually you say "it's close" please explain every time you use that expression what do you mean by "it's close" exactly ? do you mean it's close to folding, calling, raising, equity wise or What. I know Sauce123 is using that word quite a bit in his video's but hey. I know we're all of course learning by repeating, but maybe Don't be Just another copy cat.
    Please forgive me if I've been too forward. Kind regards, Chris
  • msnek


    3:29 Would be this good spot to overbet bluff the pot ? This comes to my mind thx to one of weazels videos.