NL $200 Live Video Part II

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $200
  • Shorthanded
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Live Video PokerStars series

Comments (11)

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  • krypto9ite


    Awesome video man, I have always wanted to learn how to play LAG and your video taught me a few tricks. The KJo hand vs Dazzring was quite interesting.

    Hope your luck improves next time with your big hands mate.
  • Paf4488


    Hi Tribun, I really respect ur play and u have helped me a lot by through the evaluation forums, thanks man :)

    I'd appreciate if u would do the same series for nl200 FR and show how to abuse and bluff regulars:D
  • kingVoklee


    vn video man. i really like it. mhhh i just saw your`re german right? i you wanna teach me, i`m open for everything :P
  • kingVoklee


    i knew from the 3 guy video on your ski trip. this was awesome with 3 ppl tellin their opinions!
  • slikec


    lol table two 35min. how the hell can you call 20$ bet into 4$ pot on such board and such a postflop nit betted into you D I dont get it lol
  • VTomukas


    Well the 30th minute, K6 hand against AK by nit hand. Didn't vilain time tells say, that he should be slowplaying at least AK there? He was acting instantly, I hardly could imagine less than strong King he won't fold there, plus we have a free showdown.
  • stylus20


    very good video, too bad you ran so bad ;)
  • darkonebg


    nice video, made me realise Im SLAG .
    You wrote a false note on the shortstack, it was for the guy next to him :D
    Obviously, no style is profitable vs the nuts.
  • kingdippy2008


    yeah nice video tribun.
    Would you say a lot of the lag style is loosing quite a few pots with weak hands and then when u get a monster getting paid off because of a loose image? I guess you have to have better postflop skills to be a LAG as well. Anyway nice vid, keep them coming :P
  • TribunCaesar


    When you play lag, you want to put pressure on the opponents and create a very loose image to be able to make very thin valuebets and get paid. It doesn't necessarily mean you loose small pots, but win the big ones. You just attack as many as you can. ;)
  • Botter83


    good video-bad session. anyway good so that this crap happens...
    didnt like the call with 45!! 20 to call for a pot of 24,50 with buttom pair at a scary way!