Party for Three: Get the Spin&Go basics right! (2)

  • Spin & Go/Twister
  • Spin & Go/Twister
  • $1 - $3
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In the second instalment of his "Party for Three" series, Moskvyak explains how to play the early stages of a heads-up battle. He will present the most optimal hand charts, focus on the importance of note taking and adaptation.


3max HM2 live play Notes Ranges Spin&Go strategy

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  • pandekar


  • KnowNothing


  • Irak86


    очень интересно полезно буду смотреть дальше
  • thickoborn


    Vídeo muito bom
  • Nevermind07


    Excelente Vídeo...É isso ae!
  • Zeezout


    Looks very interesting. I'll look for the first one too :)
  • spaysnebro


  • FlyingDutchm1n


    Around 44 minutes why do you bet turn with a pair of 8s but not the river on a JJ runout? I do not understand the check behind so much it is unlikely the second J made any difference right.

    Around 57 minutes you mention K9 is a mistake by villain but he had KQs, does this make a difference in your assessment?

    LOL at your remark let's play another tournament, because...WHY NOT? : )
  • Ersze


    I guess I have to study a LOT!
  • Gustavomaidana


    thanks top
  • Gustavomaidana


    thanks top
  • SaloonSveta


    спасибо видео интересное и полезное посмотрю еще не один раз.побольще таких видео
  • xroberto23


  • houlajk


    very good video series so far....keep it going :)
  • speednet19


    interesant de stiut
  • katkow


  • Durwal


    35:28 you minraise Q9o and fold to 6bb push from SB. Why? You need 30,76% equity to call. You should have put him on range of about 11% or lesss to make this fold correct. If you don't want to call this you shouldn't never open on these stacks sizes. Am I wrong?
  • Durwal


    Btw, I noticed you minraised with weak hands (that are not pushable according to Nash) on stack below 8bb. You meant to r/f there? Don't you think it's better strategy to always play push or fold on this stack's depth?
  • KittBizi


    the charts that are being displayed during the second video seem to be from some kind of pokerstrategy tool, can I get it somewhere?
  • reggie123


    24ofs he gets 3 to1, not the best call? Not the best comment.