Spin & Go Beginner Strategy

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Welcome to our beginner strategy for Spin & Go tournaments.


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  • borjjomi


  • peteoaten


    Where is the strategy article for the charts please?
  • nathanrenard


    Don't think the only difference is the name, since iPoker offers antes.
  • tonypmm


    Yes, the strategy is inaccurate for iPoker. There, at the blind levels of 15/30 and higher, add 10 to the actual big blind to get the 'adjusted [for the antes] big blind', by which, not by the actual big blind, you should divide the stack size. E.g. 20/40 + ante 5 is roughly equivalent to 25/50 without antes.
  • Juelz84


    #2 Here's the article including all charts: http://www.pokerstrategy.com/strategy/mtt/2397/1/

    I will make sure it also gets added to the description here.
  • tonypmm


    Thanks for that!

    I'd also like to mention that the pushing ranges in the case when someone has entered the pot with a raise (which will usually be the minimum raise, though general adjustments to bigger raises should be mentioned too, even if without charts) must be very different from the case when one or both opponents have limped (called the big blind), and these cases must be treated separately.

    I wonder in how many tournaments (1K? 10K?) the strategy has been tested and what chip EV winrates the testers have achieved with this strategy.
  • tonypmm


    And it goes without saying that the case of facing an all-in instead of minraise is also very different. Calling ranges must be much tighter than the ranges for pushing yourself.

    I understand that these changes will increase the number of charts dramatically, but I reckon they'll have a significant positive impact on the ROI and the additional time spent on the study will pay for itself fast.

    Also, although I'm not an expert in beginner charts, there's an apparent mistake in the BB vs SB chart - A2s is stronger than A2o, it surely can be pushed at all depths.
  • tonypmm


    Some time on the variance of Spins and the mental game would also be nice, unless the strategy is intentionally placebo.

    If you're sure it's winning, then your players should have a good testimonial of this, and the best candidate for such a measure is the chip EV graph in tracking software, which is necessary to keep them in for long enough because the monetary variance is brutal in Spins, more than half of the players will be down $50+ at some point despite being profitable in theory.
  • tonypmm


    * Some tips on the variance
  • tonypmm


    I'm afraid that the strategy will be troublesome on Full Tilt and iPoker because their fields are small and one will run into the same 'regs' rather often, who will adjust fast. The strategy heavily relies on the fact that the user won't run often enough into the same players, which is a valid assumption in Pokerstars' huge field.

    If and when you develop v. 2.0 of the strategy, run the following simple experiment. Hire a tester who will follow the strategy precisely. Hire a $1 Spin reg, but don't tell him what exactly strategy the tester will use. Tell them to add each other on the Spinwiz sitlist and play 200-500 games vs each other and random third players at the $1s (make sure Stars are OK with that). I bet the tester will lose at least 100 EV chips per game.
  • tonypmm


    Well, there are too few regs who stay for long at the $1s (those are the ones hit badly by the variance), but it will suffice to take up (as 'the reg') even someone who has never played poker seriously and teach him normally to adjust to opponents in Spins, i.e. have him watch all Tim64's and Moskvyak's Silver videos and recorded coachings.
  • Gawdless73


    Excellent video thank you very much.
  • LordNikola


    usefull informations! thank you!
  • thazar


    extremely basic, but good base
  • DeamonXIV


    слишком сложно, не получается
  • shawzy1987


    A bit silly saying you can shove j 10 s but not j 10 off when it's only 2 percent different you are either shoving with both j 10 s and off or folding both of them
  • viajero2205


    Good explanation of the basics, yet reminds me of the time when the tables were overrun by SSS players. Looking forward to see advanced strategies for this kind of tournament.
  • Luxair


    Yeah I'm gonna have to disagree, don't think this is a good strategy.
  • xeperek


    No brainer strategy but maybe good for start. How many spins should I play to confirm that this is good strategy? -_-
  • Karelipoeg


    It is a little bit confusing which charts should I use, when one player has been eliminated. It says that I should look at the charts with Small Blind, and not get distracted by the Button.

    Case 1: I am on the Small Blind (Button).
    Since I am first to act, should I rather use the "You're in the Small Blind and the Button has joined the hand" table (doesn't make much sense to me), or should I use "You're in the Small Blind and the Button has folded" (makes a little bit more sense)?

    Case 2: I am in the Big Blind.
    Should I use "You're in the Big Blind and the Small Blind has joined the hand"?
  • jmm88


    I think this spin and gos are profitable in micro limits, but we have to see if can be profitable in higher stakes, with the big rake that they cost.
  • oviovi86


    great video...
  • hessun


    Here is my first impressions after 10*30-45 minute gameplay sessions: https://youtu.be/BHkRqXyzPoA
  • Badhabit83


    ID like this answered. SHould we use small blind and button has folded? or small blind and button has joined? Same for the big blind. Do we use in the big blind and the button has joined... Or in the bigblind and the small blind has joined. pretty much what some one already asked.

    Case 1: I am on the Small Blind (Button).
    Since I am first to act, should I rather use the "You're in the Small Blind and the Button has joined the hand" table (doesn't make much sense to me), or should I use "You're in the Small Blind and the Button has folded" (makes a little bit more sense)?

    Case 2: I am in the Big Blind.
    Should I use "You're in the Big Blind and the Small Blind has joined the hand"?
  • Abhorrence


    I've been really trying to like spin and go's but the players are so bad and unpredictable that I seem to lose more often than not. Like one hand I had A-K suited, and a guy shoves with 6 bbs left, I call of course, and he shows like 7-2 off and sucks out and wins, then proceeds to win the next 3-4 pots making stupid shoves, and I ended up losing. It seems like almost every game ends up this way.
  • Allenkelleher1111


    I love the speed tourneys
  • uriddu


    ciao ma si gioca anche ???o solo teoria? punti si possono sviluppare senza pagare?
  • RentzEst


    Good staff
  • IndigoBG


    Interesting, I need to have this charts....
  • bouhmid11115


    basics !
  • dave34


    I'm not sure but I think on Pokerstars you now start with more Big Blinds than in the past = 25 (500 chips, 10/20 to start). Does that change anything?
  • dave34


    Gave the system a real good try. Started badly, lost $18 after my first 100 spins, but I made it back and a little more. Here's my results:

    Total spins played = 300

    Total $ won = $4

    Total with bonuses = $13.20

    The bonuses came from chests and the Spinball Challenge promo.

    I'm pretty sure I can turn a bigger profit if I keep going, but I'm no expert. The system may not be ideal but it was great for a noob like me, and lots of fun.

    Part of me wants to keep going, but I'm ready to move on to the other videos and try playing some real poker.

    Ty pokerstrategy.com!
  • danielillok93


    Good video. It´s hard to find the level where it´s not obvious but no too complicate