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Our No-Limit expert w34z3l discusses a logical approach to estimating range construction. He will teach you how to develop your intuition in order make logical estimates about our range in certain spots much easier.


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  • Tim729


    Hi w34z3l, good video.

    @ 57:30 you mentioned that some pokerstrategy member named "gtkid" recommends to cbet almost PS on small textures. I couln't find him on PS. Could you please give me the link to the thread where he talks about this theory or at least give me the correct name of him.

  • hadfinox


  • brunocrosfort


  • djuqpl


    I Am Weasel !!! :D
  • msnek


    12:00 You we should apply GTO only if player are equal. After that you say someone is always OOP and the other one IP. Well, that would mean we shouldn't apply it anytime since always there is some difference and players are not level. Could you elaborate more on this, please ? Thanks !
  • msnek


    *You said we should ...
  • w34z3l


    Imagine a HU game of poker between 2 optimal players. BTN always makes profit. BB can't prevent this, but uses GTO techniques to guarantee a minimum loss-rate. Note that this loss rate will always be better than -100bb/100 since the BB can achieve this by just folding. Both players play GTO, but BB loses. This is not a problem because obviously every hand the positions are switched. So the resultant outcome across all hands is 0ev assuming no rake.

    So in spots where there is an inherent disadvantage, GTO play does not guarantee profit but instead guarantees a minimum loss rate. In situations with an inherent advantage, GTO play guarantees a minimum expected profit.