vonki goes Bankroll Challenge - NL2

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $2
  • Shorthanded
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From this video by our coach vonki you will learn what type of opponents you should avoid, how to make proper table selection and many other useful things for every beginner.


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  • MRkotBegimot


    Good video, excellent explanation. Thank you.
  • bonecore


    nice vid! you sound as cool as BOXXY from youtube
  • kacsa1st


    pink performance was a bit enjoyable ;)


    Really nice and very enjoyable!
  • hadfinox


  • jrmtho


    You said that a 4BB opening often indicates a strong hand... IMO, it's a standard opening raise as suggested by Dan Harrington and many authors.
  • vonki


    Thanks for the comments guys! :)

    #6: Once upon a time it could be that 4bb was the standard open raising size. However, if you look through the video, you will see that most players use 2, 2.5, 3 or 3.5 more often than 4bb.

    The players that do open 4bb, also open 3bb at times (presumably the medium strong hands) or limp a lot (presumably the weaker hands), thus indicating that 4bb is not a "standard" (or it would be used the majority of the time) and is used with the strong part of a players range. I could be wrong, I don't have as much experience with NL2 as I do with other limits. NL2 might be the exception to the rule, but because of what I wrote above, I'm fairly sure my statement is somewhat accurate.
  • kerith


    awesome video! please make more of these, as a beginner your thought process is invaluable to me.
  • oxan4ik11


  • nathanrenard


    Go vonki ;)
  • tank0000


  • Tredix


    Thank you. Good video, excellent explanation.
    Really nice and very enjoyable!
  • aletto94


  • optimusdrag


    i like the tips
  • Kosztirita


    Nice one! Keep going, more videos pls. :)
  • BradNitt


    good luck 4 the challenge =)
  • MAKAVELIride


    Thx & gl!
  • MAKAVELIride


    Thx & gl!
  • vonki


    Thanks everyone for the very nice comments! It's aprechiated!
  • Marius19810513


    Good video, excellent explanation. Thank you
  • manic0712


    cute as always :)
  • piresromeu


    Nice advices, wish to see more videos with some action.
  • gordonebula


    It's nice to find a video for the very beginners. Thanks & GL for the challenge.
  • DemonRax


    Still remember Vonki being TT's student, playing 25NL at PartyPoker :) Good luck with the challenge.
  • seranpoker


    Really useful video video for guys who are starting out. Helps build a solid foundation. Great clarity Vonki! More videos pleaseee
  • vonki


    Really aprechiate all the feedback, you guys are awesome! :)
  • mmorron


    ty vonki.. nice voice ;)*
  • mmorron


    Do more vids;)
  • pianist8716


    excellent work, looking forward to more vids :)
  • oviovi86


    Good video....;)
  • FollowTheSmartMoney


    So charming haha :)
  • vonki


    haha, thanks guys! :))
  • 177272


    Liked a lot.
    Aug 15, sooooooooooooooo long ago :) Seriously with the game ever changing, how do we deal with it ?

  • vonki


    thanks @177272

    No don't worry, the games have not changed much since then. :)