The Sunday 500 Live review - Deep Play at the Final Table

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $525 - $530
  • Fullring
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Join Stasia42 in the 5th and the last of the Sunday 500 MTT review, where every decision is worth thousands of dollars! In this video he analyses recreational player's ranges preflop based on their actions and sizings. He will also show you an aggressive short-table strategy while playing a lot of tricky spots against MTT regulars. Links to previous parts here.


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Comments (10)

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  • rokkii86


    Нет статуса для этого видео((((
  • Noleg42


    #1 такая же ерунда))))
  • Mildaa


  • pelator


    too much explanations in standard hands as the OR in button...anyway good video.
  • jajo100


    My frend see tis video tell me Very nice.
  • Falco35


    Imo 33 is fine. Obv its not so nice when we get a call. And also one player after us makes it close.
  • Stasia4242


    Tx 4 Feedback people!

    Falco - Yeah Pocket 33s are Hardly a Pocket-Pair :P

    Though spots when having them,
    But they Say it's Better to Shove AI than Face one..:}
  • Ganbat75


    nice review.
  • neverdixs


    Tough spot

    From the BB i will shove it, from the Sb i will cold call(as i know the player doesnt fold 3bet) waiting that poera give more odds.

    if i am a 3way i will mostly play straight forward the flop

    if i am HU with that guy i will float any DRY flop to wait the line is che/call flop, check check turn, bluff river

    and if i hit the 3 i hit the glory

    i think floating sometimes is not bad coz as we are in SB our range is medium strong, some Axs Kxs suittersconnector etc..
  • MatthiasPohl


    very nice vidéo! I really do like your thinking process about the over bet river ;-)