No Limit Beginner Adventures: Travelling The Speedway

  • Recorded coachings
  • NL BSS
  • $2 - $10
  • Shorthanded
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Our coach will be presenting to you different variants of fast poker, starting with Blaze Poker which is available on 24hPoker. You can find more information about this course by clicking this link.


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  • Vladamg


    ничего не понял с этого видео вообще............. для русскоязычных нет записи ?
  • LemOn36


    Hey Vlad, sorry you didn't understand any of this.

    Although I did go to one lesson Russian lesson so far in order to better communicate with Russian women, right now these will be in English. You never know though
  • JDr4nd0m


    blaze 420 poker ... awesome kekeke
  • hulyepunk


  • Hoengrey


    very good lesson!
  • Asull1


    very nice lesson
  • mouse08


    nice...very nice...
  • Maarteen


    nice one
  • jfk395


    bom vidio, estou aprendendo muito com esses vidos de profissas
  • Sephiroth323


    Great material, thanks!
  • Sephiroth323


    Great material, thanks!
    Now it's time to try it out on the poker table :)
  • ADA1977


    bardzo dobry materiał dużo uczy
  • santosfc30


    Muito boooooom
    Gostei mesmo
  • pskam


    Extremelly good lesson, but you need to have a good english skills.