Getting out of the micros - NL50 with reads

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $50
  • Shorthanded
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Our coach presents another video from his very appreciated series. This time he will play on NL50 Zoom, implementing the gameplan explained in the previous parts of the series.


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Comments (15)

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  • KingKas


    Thanks for the video. But I think two tables should be the maximum for teaching something. The loss of action can be made up by making spots clearer. Often you just interrupt your explanation, because youre in the next hand.

    Rather talk about one spot, and if really nothing happens, talk about adjustments, if villain does this or that.

    Still great video, thanks double2 :)
  • bibidor


    vamos a ver q tal es
  • double2


    @2 thanks for the feedback. It's the second time someone points this out. I'll take this into consideration in the future.
  • Bestare621


    therefore you must have more styles of play.
  • payfantasy


    Very powerful movie
    Coach played well
  • KingKas


    9:40 Table 3: AQo hand in 3bet pot CO vs BTN:

    I would be very interested, if you could go into detail, into which stats were important, and how their value had to change, for you to able to fold.

    For example, if he barrels only XX% or 3bets less than 15% its probably still a fold, but from some % you should probably call any Ax hand there.
  • asimos


    Great video Pedro !! was wondering how much % you defend bb vs sb vs x2.5 open.

    Also in one spot you 3bet KJo on the btn vs co. In this situation what is your cold calling range?

    Thanks again for the nice video. Looking forward for more :)
  • Volrath89


    Definitely try to play less tables next time, i watched until min 8:00 and had to stop because I had seen enough questionable plays on you (but that's totally comprehensible, since you are not only playing but also talking out loud).

    Loved your 10 tips series, though, keep up the good work :)
  • double2


    @I actually think I played pretty well. Please watch some more :)
  • double2



    Thanks Asimos! BB v SB 2.5x, hmm i used to fold the complete trash, like bottom 10%, but now I think I'd continue with 100% of range.

    KJo hand, it's a borderline hand, i go back and forth between calling and 3betting, in 200nl i end up 3betting it more just because loose squeezers are more frequent. But in 50nl you can definitely call it most of the time.
  • tukioppilas62



    The video stucks to 6:20 by me. Any idea?
  • ninety89


    This video look very interesting! Will need a bunch of strategy point to get that gold membership...
  • Muttermal


    At 35:38 you're folding 88 against a CO open, don't you think that's too weak?
  • double2



    if you play a 3bet or fold strategy from de SB then it's not really that weak, depends how we construct our 3bet range.
  • tr1cky


    nice one, thanks! :)