NL SSS $100 - Equity Theory

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Equity Mansion Poker Theory Video

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  • Meiffert


    thanks for the video.
    I have a few comments. :)

    When you talk about the 3rd level of thinking, I don't think that a villain can add AQs and remove AKo from his range. He could do that if he knew we had a middle pair, but he has to take into account our whole 3-bet range and we have AK, QQ and maybe also AQ there and against these hands he looses a LOT of equity by removing AKo and adding AQs.

    In the 77 hand you expect the villain to have about 60 % On 3-bet fold. That seems really high to me because from button he openraises 39 % and only folds 50 % on a 3-bet. Therefore he is calling a 3-bet with the top 20 % hands while you only give him 23 % * 40 % = 9 % calling range here which is too tight for him in my opinion.
    When you count his calling range, you made a mistake and counted 23 % * 60 % = 13.8, while you should count 23 % * 40 % = 9.2, which reduce your equity against his calling range from 45 % to 41,5 % (I really think he is calling looser though).

    My last concern is about the agressive restealing against opponents who steal loosely and fold a lot of hands against a 3-bet.
    Wouldn't they adjust to this and either steal tighter with us behind him or call a 3-bet looser against us, either way resulting in us having a lot less fold equity after doing this a few times?
  • Syrtis


    if you add AQs and remove AKo, you have to adjust the foldequity, because AQs are 4 combinations and AKo are 12, but you dont
  • TheLastNail


    yes, couple of mistakes here & there, but overall well presented concept of adjusting to ppls ranges .. very important for both sss & bss plrs..

    2meiffert last question> ofc others adjust.. but as presented, its in average in 4th-5th try u do these loose resteals others see it for 1st time.. so this is +ev for u until that time + the time it takes for them to adjust. (they usually dont adjust just after 1 single exp) the key is to switch only if u think others have adjusted, bcs u lose potential profit if u adjust before they started adjusting themselves..
  • swissmoumout


    omg your voice is so awesome <3
  • DaPhunk


    I agree. 5 Stars!
  • Gartenzwerg


    Nice Voice :D:D
  • WildBeans


    very interesting.
  • excelgeo


    i dont have hud to be able to use this info effectively, but still a good eye opener, and this guy's commentary rocks!
  • Mizner


    BREATHTAKING - My real world became MATRIX