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Our PLO specialist Kyyberi, started a series of new coaching called the "PLO Buffet". Users can propose any topics they would like to discuss in advance. Our coach chooses the most interesting ones and present them during the coaching. Don't forget to visit this thread and propose your own ideas for the upcoming session!


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Comments (5)

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  • kacorking


    Nice video.
  • Pummelluf


    Great video. I would like to have more omaha content.
  • FlyingDutchm1n


    Great Video Kyyberi good content liked the made hands on wet boards and also the discussion of how to make money vs the different player types. Only thing that bothered me was non-content related but that sound for example around 57:15 it comes up quite often
  • Kyyberi


    Wow, that sound comes from mobile phone network or something. Didn't know, someone should have mentioned it (so I could have shut my mobile or put it in another room).
  • deralte71


    Nice video, liked the monkey part espescially, will keep that in mind