NL $10 FR Session Review

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Session Review

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  • TheBrood


    Interesting value bet on river with 555 on very dangerous board! thnx for the video Hasenbraten! thnx for making it under 40 mins too.
  • rickydaprince


    nice vid, your videos are the best hasenbraten... the way you analyse the hands makes them very interesting and helps improve my own game. If I ever get into such situations, I would try and think what you'd do. =)
  • BlackPassion88


    nice vid
  • mokadaniel


    i cant see the whole video.i can only see a part of it which is 4 minutes
    could someone tell me what i sould do? :S
  • KilianJacquet


    I just didn't like the fold with the 9's...nor would I have liked the raise..
    I think it's definitily ok to raise with medium & small pairs (10's through 2's) when you're the first one in to the pot, and i've seen it so often on tv that the commentators say, this is a raise-or fold situation, when it's just a call-situation...
    What if you're only going to get called by a better hand or by a hand in which you're probably just a small favourite..+(!) by re-raising,your opponent might aswel re-re-raise you in which you have just shutten yourself out of the pot. And I think that's an extremely bad result because you either:
    -Miss your chance to bust your opponnent if he has A-A
    -You might allow a player to semi-bluff you of the hand if he in fact has A-K
    I think the goal with these pairs is to just make a set, you don't want too much action, because more often than not, you're on the wrong site...
  • dixxiehaze


    yeah log in haha
  • budzior


    in my opinion in hand 55, your opponent had flush draw in spades. They always make minbet on the flop with flush draws (i dont know why), but why he calling you on the flop and turn? also dont know:)

    veeeeeery good video, thanks.
  • VitorNutzz


    verryy good!!
    hasen is really great, congrats!!


    nice vid, I like how you explain everything and pause while doing so. Much better than live vids. I personally don't like the 555 value bet on that board... but apart from that, very useful video, thanks. :)
  • koepkla


  • acceleration123


    I don´t like the bet with set of fives. His play strongly signalises a draw and if he didn´t hit it he is not gonna call the river plus those ppl are so fishy that they are able of not betting their straight or flush on the river just because they think you are gonna bet again :D Therefore it is not really a valuebet imo. Just check behind and save yourself some $$$ I think ;)