vonki goes Bankroll Challenge - NL5

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $5
  • Shorthanded
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Welcome to another video by our coach vonki, who is an active participant of our Bankroll Challenge. In this video, she will give you some advice on how to move up the stakes and beat the NL5. If you haven't seen the first part, you can find it here: NL2.


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  • kiromanAAKK


    OK, you all starting convincing me ...

    I am thinking to have go myself by now, I'm going to fix a date after fixed few leaks due almost my ego and stamina other then properly big leaks

    I mean, I had few private coaching, from some good Coach to same of giants Coaches of this community, so I mean ...

    What the hell Im waiting for then?
    Common Kiro, you can do it!
  • DgubaDru


  • sileekhunt


    Interesting video !
  • Shironimo


    Why no 3bb OR from SB?
  • oviovi86


    an educational video greetings;)
  • vonki


    kiromanAAKK: yes absolutely, go for it!! :D

    Shironimo: It certainly won't be a problem opening 3bb at this limit either, especially if you play a tight range. However, as you start adapting, you can steal a bit wider and go for a somewhat smaller sizing. Most players at this/these limits defend the same range to 3bb and 2.5bb so we get a cheaper steal. If you notice your opponent is defending a lot from SB however, you'd be better off tightening up your range and also increase your sizing to 3 or even 3.5-4bb (vs recreationals for example).

    Thanks for the comments guys, keep 'em coming! :)
  • ivanromero142


    Well video, hope you'll have success with the challenge
  • rozalia27


  • vonki


    thank you both! :)
  • Jakkosh


    I am just converting to 6-max and found this video very useful. I have changed my hud to your setup and it is serving me well.
    You say that it is a more simplified version of your usual hud, will you go more into that in your later videos as you move up the limits?
    Thanks for all the tips! :)
  • vonki


    Jakkosh: I am glad to hear you found it so useful! :) What was your previous HUD setup?
    I'm not really sure if I'll change HUD for later video's, haven't given it much thought but I shall do :) Thank you for your feedback and GL! :)
  • Jakkosh


    #15 - I have been lazy with my hud for a long time and just used the somewhat simple "expanded" preset in HM2.
    So after watching your video I have changed my hud and my curiosity has spiraled and im wondering what else im missing, or at what point it would become too cluttered and distracting!
    I'll go do some research!
    Thanks for your reply and look forward to your next video. :)
  • mmmodel


    Very nice explanation ;)
  • vonki


    Thank you for the feedback guys! :)
  • 177272


    Liked it, best explanation and demonstration of HUD I have ever seen, crystal clear TY.
  • vonki


    Wow, thanks! That's really nice to hear! :)