Existential Leakbusting: Why did I do that?

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Our coach prepared a detailed guide to a technique for rapidly closing psychological leaks, looking not only at identifying and correcting a strategic error, and reflecting on the thought process and mental state which led to our making the mistake - recalling in detail the state of mind and learning to eliminate it.


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  • meandi289


    Hum, my points are still not updated yet and neither is my status. Don't know what's going wrong recently, dont get any raffle tickets when I make a deposit to Titan, Fulltillt, Ladbrokes and William Hill
  • Ragnarock26


    PRetty accetable ideea but it is relative what you say there bcouse sine players have different ideeas
  • samymanole


    Great, for life in general not just poker...

    Especially for those caught up in poker too much, I recommend
    Anthony de Mello - "Awareness" or "Rediscovery of life" (youtube) for some basics of these ideas presented here... It should let you understand better this video and its true value.
    It takes patience and some deliberate mental effort to digest each idea in those videos, but then you will get to understand many things differently.
  • MisterSnS


    Every time I meditate before a session I grind on superman mode making 50bb/100... wondering why I don't do it that often...
  • tonypmm


    #6 In my limited experience, the reason behind skipping pre-game meditation might be simple laziness, which you might be suffering from, judging by your blogging frequency. Moi, I often skip a meditation when I know the session is going to last only for 15-30 minutes :D (it's easy to say when one is playing cash or Twister).

    It's not bad, just make sure your goals are consistent with your extent of workaholism.

    #5 Thanks for the reference, I'll check that out.
  • DieRich


    hey thanks for the great vid