Knockout Time!

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From this video, you will learn anything you need in order to improve and crush Knockout tournaments.


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  • joon420


    good poker
  • oviwankenovi


    Good stuff!
  • Slavon92


  • tonirul3z


    good video
  • Valentinn


  • Tsubano


    how can the value of the starting stack can be a 100% of the buyin (in your example 3oo$)? Sure we use the model of cEV, but in the end we will never get paid the 100% wearth of the starting stack.
  • LuckyLukePS


    The value of starting stack is NOT 100% of the buy-in (in a SKO). It is half the value of the buy-in. The other half goes to the bounty. Otherwise we are inventing $ that is not in the prize pool, which was my point in the vid :)
  • Exxtasy2012


    Knockouts are the best
  • Exxtasy2012


    Knockouts are the best, but harder to play with all in players
  • thazar


    i enjoy the KO format and was really looking forward to watching this video. i was a bit disappointed, I must say, by the content of the video.
    I hardly think this is is gold material. Most of it are simple calculations that are repeated over and over
  • mEAsone


    i enjoy the KO format and was really looking forward to watching this video