Do You Want To Be A Better Poker Player

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Our No-Limit expert gives you some off table tips which will help you be a better poker player.


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  • humanistas


    sorry but you need to speak faster and prepare what you will say. Because it is sounded to me like you have a lot of to say, but didnt know what start from.
  • srdjolini87


    it is very good video
  • leober1


  • la55i


    Great video, thank you! :)
  • la55i


    #1 yea there were a little pauses now and then but nothing too disturbing imo. The video was fine =))
  • elpsycho


    Very useful and insightful video. Thanks double2!
  • Anastasia94


  • tonypmm


    #7 You didn't get the point. #1 was complaining about PS-gy coaches' tendency not to give useful and complete advice in the first 4 minutes of a video that are shown as a preview to the members who can't view it fully because of a low status :D
  • double2


    @19 I can guarantee that this was not on purpose :)
  • AApoKKer


    Only 4 minutes even for a silver status, that is a bit harsh.
  • Nolande


  • Afulibador


    Great vid, double. I m far from a good player, and this video encouraged me to do more than I was doing. Useful stuff.
  • buschips


    Good Video.
  • ButcherPudge


  • Tigaie


    great video! thanks
  • juozasAK


    Thank you for very good practical advices, double2! They'll be really useful.
  • w34z3l


    In b4 "how I made a million watching the 4minute previews on pokerstrategy."


    especially for microstakes players? what a joke - i need gold status
  • bellouch


    thank you
  • gastonh


    Great vídeo. Inpired me to start 2016 a lot more motivated.
  • gordonebula


    Great video!!!