No-Limit Starter Course: Putting it all together - Live play (4)

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The fourth lesson is about putting everything you have learned so far into practice. Our coach plays a live session on two Zoom microstakes tables on PokerStars. Visit the coaching's thread for more info: click here.


Basics Beginner beginner's course learn to play lemon live play Live Video microstakes PokerStars Zoom

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  • Imperion11


  • jacatuk


    very good
  • uwababa


    Awesome, really liked discussions about hands :)
  • rewfrew


    Hey, are you playing at 888poker NL30 snap, with username: lem0n or lem0n36?. or someone who want to scares peoples with ur name...
  • realpokeplayer


    Like it
  • LemOn36


    #8 hah that's not me!
    My username there is Tankroller from the Tankroll challenge :)