ICMIZER 2 - Analyzing Pre-Final Table Situations

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From this video you will learn how to use ICMIZIER 2 for analysis of the non final table situations. You can find more information about this software by clicking here.


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  • imgoingtomirage


    Hey, please keep all comments in English, thanks in advance!
    laska1988 - if you have any issues, you can ask on our Polish forums.
  • laska1988


    Ok sorry, next time i send e-mail to polen support :)
  • figi000011


    thanks for coaching .. i see only first quarter because my connecton is not good.. i look at it tommorow :) hand analysys i must practice..
  • janbd


  • Escape500


    good one!
  • simson500


    Yes, non final table situations, that is something for me, because most of the times I am not able to rech the final table.
  • ahille


  • KostasTech


    About pushes and folds
    Remember, different players have different ranges.
    Top pair is enough for some players to get their stacks in with, while a good player would have no trouble laying down two-pair in the right spot. ;)
  • JimmkCZ


    how to use ICMIZIER 2 for analysis? thanks for couching...