NL500 Zoom Live with pokerguru740

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $500
  • Shorthanded
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Our coach recorded for you a live session on NL500 Zoom. Enjoy!


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  • 0815pokerpr0


    content :)
  • WerPix


    Would you mind sharing your winrate+sample on Z500? What do you think is achieveable?
  • pokerguru740


    My overall winrate is roughly 4-4.5bb/100. When i first started playing zoom I went in cold turkey with no studying and of course got killed. So I would guess my true winrate will reflect a bit higher. It's very possible i'm running good for the stake over 300-400k hands.

    I see alot of regs are in the 1.5-2.5bb/100bb range, but alot of them have this very default style that i find somewhat easy to play against. Some of the more elite regs are winning over 4-5/100bb, Anything over that is possible ,but with a bit of variance included, Unless your OTB_redbaron
  • Libera


    Great vid!
  • pokerguru740


    thank you :)
  • Libera


    Can you add me to your friends list ?
  • pokerguru740


    Indeed I did
  • w34z3l


    More content like this please.
  • nuk1010


  • Buzibaer


    23:20 Why do you overbet-shove here with set AAA? What do you think Villain may call you with? He's a recreational player, so why not betting small to get called by some midpair typ hands? You block Ax twice with your AA, so it's not likely he may have Ax.

    31:30 Why do you check AA twice here? Do you think he's more likely to start bluffing instead of bluffcatching you? He cant rly rep too many Ax combos here, as he would've raised them preflop.

    I wonder why there isn't a single comment about the hands in the video, but just random feedback. That's kind of sad.
  • pokerguru740


    Hi Buz! Thanks for the questions!

    -I bet top set because I think it's important to be balanced here, I'm going to have plenty of bluffs that need to be betting and putting maximum pressure on his range overall makes the most money in general.

    -To trap, Rivers probably a small mistake though, Turn check is fine.
  • Slaaice


    Hello. Nice VOD.
    Just wanted you to know that your assumption about "bot" player you are talking about is far from true and is not very wise. He is real human.
  • rza2506


    Nice video cool game!!
    many traps
  • kacsa1st


    thx for status downgrad :D
  • tolekbana94


    great lesson
  • tomdenem


    Wow! What a massive poker playing! Thanks for the video!
  • atika04