NL $25 SH User Session Review

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $25
  • Shorthanded
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PokerStars User Session Review

Comments (12)

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  • Fongie


    Very nice Tribun! I especially liked the discussion about 3betting AK, isolating yourself against a better range (turning your hand into a bluff pfr) and flatting preflop. Thanks!
  • eszibit


    hi,nice review Tribun!there are some nice hands in this session and some ugly spots,but IMHO i would be a little more aggresive in some spots,al least at this limit.Gg anyway
  • delete461


    I jumped out of my chair at 32:17 lol
  • alejandrosh


    omg what a fish playing there :D

    thanks very much Tribun to take time and making this review, I sure will pay more attention to other people isolating (A9s A7s hands) and the AKo 3bet vs tight utg raisers.

    I hope this video wasn't too boring, I think I only reached one showdown there :S
  • Alexd10


    just a quick question about the very end of the video, is the reason why we don't c-bet the flop at 44:15 is because the A and K hit their range alot as they called a raise pf?
  • TribunCaesar


    @3: hahaha, happened to me now as well. sry for that ^^
    @5: I can't find a hand with A and K on the board at that minute....If you are talking about that AQ board vs 2. Listen to what I say in the video, I explain why we don't bet there.
  • minoan


    I like your way of explaining.Thanks for sharing.
  • tac3znarf


    what is the suit of his KT on 6:19, and what are the suits on the board?
  • dulo80


    Good job!
  • killedbamby


    very good job...
    want more :)
  • Zemnieks11


    Wheel this play looked like some showdowns at all..just from other guys view i think most of hands you played out and folded, was looking like a another bluff..but thats only my opinion!
  • Trappy56


    Interesting hand on 36:40, I think the QQ is perfect bluffcatcher, because it kills almost every possible draws JsQs AsQs cant have set, because never minraie such a draw heavy board so he representing just king and why just minraise AK, KQ or KJ here? really weird