Crush & Move-Up: NL50

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  • $50
  • Shorthanded
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In the third part of his series, asimos moves up and plays a live session on NL50 Zoom on PokerStars.


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Comments (10)

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  • sabzi


    Buying hands is not cool.
  • z1ckboy


    fold to 1 1/2bb OR in the cutoff with pocket 6 ?! why ? 0_o
  • asimos


    #8 calling with 66 in principle is border line. Mainly, calling is not attractive when we have aggressive players on our left. In this particular spot, on our left we have a mid stack... and if he is aggressive enough flatting pre is -EV. One could argue that we have a fish in the sb and find a call. However, generally, I don't like cold calling a lot pre.
  • vivape


    Buying hands is not cool
  • GBA99


    how come the size of your open raising bets and 3 bets are predetermined by position and size of the previous bet? did you change that in the Pokerstars settings? or do you have a software for it? it would spare me a lot of clicks :) thanks
  • asimos


    #11: I use table optimizer :) Cheers
  • Buzibaer


    16:44 Totally misplayed imho, you bet tpnk twice vs fish, but against WHAT? Villain can have tp himself, he won't call anything worse and you take him the opportunity to bluff.
    Why do you think he will call you with Tx? Why you assume he will not cbet Tx?

    43:00 fold KJ in the bb given these odds?

    45:55 Why don't you cbet with gutshot+bdfd?

    46:25 table2: WTF? Why do you bet small with AK here unimproved? Any explanation? Seems to me you just play some inuitive random style, I really doubt if you would "crush" these stakes.
  • asimos


    #14: Hey, interesting comments. I ll try to give some of my thoughts... feel free to criticize them :)
    "villain can have tp himself": I agree
    "he won't call anything worse": I don't agree. Imo villain can call 3x, 4x, 55-99
    I also don't agree that villain cbets Tx 100% and also he has some flush draws in his flop checking range which will call the turn
    (and also rarely might spike an 8 on the river)
    ->Below are some hands in my database (not exact the same case + I couldn't find a lot vs CO (6 total hands with showdown at 100nl zoom))
    where Villain calls turn and river bets after x/x flop with worse than 2nd pair --- and Villain is not even a fish on those cases!!

    The main question in this hand imo is if we should bet the turn. I doubt that in vacuum we can check-call bluff catch 2 streets in this
    Vs fish, if I am not sure if he is bluffing, I think betting > checking...
    In this particular case he has worse to call (the ones mentioned above)... and we have only turn as a street of value vs flush draws
    (vs which we don't want to give a free card too)..and might 2 streets vs the others (especially if we use small sizings)

    Now on the river we can check call or bet small. Since 1) I don't know if Villain is able to bluff 2) I don't know his sizing tendencies
    3) I want to dictate the size of the bet myself 4) he is a fish = he has wide preflop range + calling ranges... I prefer the thin value bet
    option. I don't think we can bluff catch easily the river (given that we had bet the turn) since his value range beats us, assuming he doesn't
    turn made hands to bluff and given that his river air range after had call turn bet is very small portion.

    43:00: those are not the odds we are looking for imo.
    1) vs the mp opening range + co cc range (the last very strong) our top pairs will be dominated a lot of the times = we will be putting money being behind
    (how many times you check call happily vs a bet on a Jxx board or Kxx board? -- especially if CO call the cbet)
    2) vs the other parts of villain's ranges we are not going to take a lot of value (villains are going to play mostly straight forward)
    3) we play the hand oop in multiway pot = we are not going to realize our equity
    Having that said I don't think a call is terrible, but I also don't think is a super +ev spot

    45:55: having gutshot+bdfd is a good reason to cbet... but not THE REASON to cbet. In this spot you have to compare the ev of checking
    with intention to bet or raise the turn vs the ev to cbet (which might also be +). In this particular board in my game plan (the way I construct my
    cbet range based on my preflop opening co range) and based on my experience the two first options (depending on the turn card) are more profitable.

    46:25: Villain is not a full stack = I assume a fish. My initial plan is to bet small the flop (villain will call a lot of the times very wide, i.e. 2 overcards)
    to bet large the turn (given the wide flop calling range I will have a lot of turn folds). But with AK, and given the small flop bet, I feel that I have a thin value
    bet - semi bluff vs his wide flop calling range.... how you believe he plays hands like AQ, AJ, 67, KQ, AX with back door flushes etc ? you will be surprised :)
  • asimos


    #14 some more examples where villain calls 2ice after xx flop with worse than top pair / 2nd pair...
  • fmobil


    nice vid, ty