Fishing on Speed

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  • NL BSS
  • $20
  • Shorthanded
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Our coach oblioo made a special video for you - he played a live session on NL20 Speed Hold'em at Betfred Poker.


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  • msnek


    3:45 You say the board is too much connected to go for valueraise. Would dry flop be better for valueraise? My understanding of the problem tells me it is actually quite opposite, isn't it? If the board is wet, he can call our raise with many worse hands (= with draws too). While on dry board we will fold most of his range and he will continue only with overpairs, two pairs and sets. Or am I completely mistaken? Thanks !
  • msnek


    5:37 Why this board is not good for us to cbet bluff ?
  • msnek


    6:48 Is this call really ok though ? Is it only good because of your skill advantage, so you think you can win a lot of chips from him in those cases you flop strong hand ? What is your calling range here vs. UTG and why ?
  • msnek


    8:48 Why you would call if HU ? You think you have good equity and/or good fold equity since this board doesn't hit MPs range too hard ?
  • msnek


    11:59 Why so small sizing with those top two ?
  • akerblum


    This all is Ok, Great.
  • oblioo



    3:45 I say the board is too connected to value raise with tptk here, because villain can have plenty of straights and sets and some two pair (and so can we, to raise for value with if we want to).

    5:37 We can cbet bluff here with some hands, but not a 0 equity hand like 98o.

    6:48 I don't know what call you're talking about; if you could be more specific that'd be great.

    8:48 I answered this question in the video: we're not closing the action, and villain's cbetting range is stronger in a 3way pot.

    11:59 Why do you consider half-pot "so small" for a flop bet in a 3way pot? I generally like to size flop smaller in 3way pots than I would in a heads-up pot, since it's still difficult/incorrect for the player in the middle to defend wide.
  • Macqas


    Excellent video. I'm looking forward to watch more content from you.
  • kartturi


    great video. waiting for more.
  • josecarneiro032


    Great video. :)
  • Heinejen


    great video !
    especially liked that talked about betsizing a lot.
  • msnek



    3:45 So the point is, on this board we (and others = villain too) would like to raise for value made straights, sets and two pairs, which is top of our range, so top pair top kicker is somewhere in the middle of our range, so it doesn't make sense to raise it ? On what boards TPTK would be good to raise for value then ?

    5:37 I see. Do you think it is good since people tend to overfold vs. cbets at these micro limits ?

    6:48 Oh, I meant that call on BB with 76s vs. UTG open raise. What is your calling range here and why ?

    8:48 I see ! Thx !

    11:59 I understand, thx !
  • oblioo


    hi msnek,

    3:45 Yep exactly. Raising TPTK depends on the board, positions, and player, but for example maybe you could raise AQ on Q87tw in some situations.

    5:37 Nope. Villain has too many Kx and Jx, and again we have close to 0% equity vs a calling range. Wayyy too loose of a cbet if you're trying to exploit a slight player pool leak.

    6:48 This call is probably okay regardless of skill edge (but maybe not okay if you play worse than villain). The bottom of my calling range is likely either this hand or 65s sometimes, both of which are likely pretty close to 0ev vs. an UTG 3x open.

    thanks for the questions :)
  • oblioo



    6:48 I just checked in Snowie and it says that calling with 54s, 65s, and 76s in this spot all have an EV of +0.02bb. (This is not proof that they are +EV, but a reasonable opinion.) Hands worse than that are -EV.
  • msnek


    Ok ! Thanks a lot for answers and for the video ! Looking forward to your next work :)
  • DrPepper


    I don't really get the reasoning of the AQ hand at 13:00. There's not much worse that can call us on the river, pretty much only another two pair. Is he really calling a hand like AT 3 times oop in a 3-way pot? I would just check back the river. And readless I would've always folded to that c/minraise. We block the Ace and a flush makes perfect sense with his line. He probably didn't get your bet as well and therefore tried to bluff (but he would've never called the valuebet).
    Would you have called if he openshoves the river? Or if he shoves over your bet? In my experience we are rarely good in that spot, even on lowstakes. Yeah, here it was a weird bluff, but that's the exception.
  • oblioo


    Looking at villain's stack size and the fact that I haven't seen him play a hand yet, I was assuming he was a fish who may call with any Ax, or possibly make a move with a hand like KJ. You're right that it might be too thin though, and vs someone who looks reggier I'd check. However you might be underestimating how often weaker players spazz, as seen in the results. I think it's very close here vs. this player, and checking is fine.

    However, there are lots of regs who never vbet thinly and always fold to river raises assuming villain has the nuts, and those are the players who continue to have the mindset "people never bluffraise" because if they always fold, they never see bluffs. They also tend to be the same players who struggle to move up from microstakes. Not saying you necessarily fall into this category.
  • bananendealer


    2:30 ... can this be a call ?!?!