More NL500 Zoom with pokerguru740

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $500
  • Shorthanded
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Our coach comes back with another NL500 Zoom live session on PokerStars.


high stake live session mid stakes PokerStars Robert Kuhn Zoom

Comments (18)

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  • LemOn36


    5:17 most likely has high card
    *raises huge*
    orrr a trap :D
  • LemOn36


    6:08 is calling a squeeze (COvs SB, BU flatted) a -EV call?
  • LemOn36


    with 89s
  • Simik1975


    nice video big raises this not for me :)))))
  • bachoivo


    Nice video. It was very helpful for me
  • Lakada1


    Very interesting.
  • LemOn36


    There was some nice hands
    Like Ajs vs Longple, JJ hand
    It'd be cool to see a hand history review where you just click through HM2 and talk about bunch of hands for us slow people :)
  • pokerguru740


    Hi guys! Thanks for the positive reviews so far, That's always encouraging for coaches to continue to put out more and more content.

    To answer your question Lemon about the 89s:

    -I am Really not sure, that would take a bit of advanced math and I would have to mess with a lot of different ranges since players play squeeze spots so differently.
  • beno87


    great video,there was some nice hands,very helpful for me, have a nice day goodbye
  • w34z3l


    love it, nice to have some good quality mid-stakes stuff finally.
  • Infiesta


    Congratz sir, I loved it. And dont worries, 3 tables live play is fantastic!
  • wawanhik23


    Best poker
  • Jammitt57


    Love these videos quite helpfull
  • Jammitt57


    These videos are quite helpfull, slowly learning more which will improve my game
  • Kol4anovaMA


    great video
  • jokerRJ


    I want to watch the whole video...
  • texaslimit


    7:25 do you really think its best EV to check back T8ss on ATx and then fold to his turnbet?I mean I do kinda get it,its not like wtf, but it feels kind of weak too, idk(flopping midpair,chkback and then still fold on blankish card)
  • LorD231984


    27min: Will K9s will be good vs overbet?:( KT, KQ, QT, FD, and nuts range... Will we get really the necessary equity? 36% equity needed. And I think he will bloff his very small equity hands like 56, maybe QT so these hands will count as valuebets at turn also (because he will win the pot at river with these)

    28min: 9T, TT, JT will not bet the flop multiway (4way), so ton of better hands I think a turn

    Sometimes it seems your bluffs are too much (like AQs bloffs), your valuebets are too thin (lke 88 on 1 card straight), maybe I am a fish at nl500 zoom:) anyway keep up, cos you are the only one who are posting videos from interesting limits:(