Play Loose, Win Big - Mock up your UTG Game!

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If you listen to our coach in his new series, you will become a big winner on your stakes. He will explain to you, why playing "standard" poker is boring, and why are you losing tons of value. He kicks off with the theory for UTG gameplan. Enjoy!


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  • TetraQuark


    What factor does the rly high rake play on micro to small stakes when considerg such style?
  • asimos


    The style you want to play should be natural outcome of the specific table... it's not a matter of taste, rather than matter of adaption to maximize profit..

    High rake, in principle, can turn a marginal +ev move to a -ev... but this is only part of the truth... i.e. when you have a wider range it will be harder for your opponents to hand read vs you.. and you can increase the absolute +ev of you goods this way (though you have more marginal +/-ev decisions with a bigger portion of your range)...

    Thus, only if you can defend the wide range and not do crucial mistakes playing looser will be more optimal.

    But there is a limit. The more money you make of the strong hands bc of wider range has to compensate the possible loses of the weaker hands of your range...So you can't really open 100% for example..

    But in practice, all the groups of holdings I open (i.e. small suited connectors, small suited hands etc from utg) are winners.

    Rake shouldn't be such big issue (to make a style profitable or not), rather your ability to hand read and adapt.
  • ermsasha


    Yeah, I think that the ability of adaptation is more helpful than straight plan for a game on every table
  • CaHTaKJIayC


    good video
  • msnek


    In that defend vs. 3bet range of yours we see yellow ones (call), red ones (4bet fold), green ones (4bet/jam). But what are those orange/pink ones ?
  • 2phil4u


    I really want to do it but at NL10 its like all the players with higher VPIP are losing with the loser part, but of course propably because people capable of playing LAG are very god handreaders and move up very quick.
    Can you recommend this style without being very bluffy later ?
  • Kuschelbaer


    Very interesting video. What adaptations would you make at anonymous tables?