NL25 Zoom Live with w34z3l

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  • NL BSS
  • $25
  • Shorthanded
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Our coach is playing a live session on NL25 Zoom on PokerStars. Enjoy the action!


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  • MisterSnS


    Awesome Video, w34z3l. Every time I watch your live-plays I tend to perform better at the tables :) What I especially liked was the emphasis on making tight folds (though it wasn't on purpose, but still very important to do on the micros, I don't do it enough :/ )

    1:09:44 - You say you 3bet vs the BTN. But then size very small. Was it a misread of the whole situation or on purpose? I guess you missed the SB who coldcalled the open?
  • VinogradovME91


    informative videos
  • vvolf


  • godlike3


    I don't think that guy in about 1/3 of the video meant to slowroll you with aces. Guess he wanted to look like he has a decision, because of the fish still left to act, wanted him also in obviously :)
  • Gracinhapvh


  • tr1cky


    J9o was an interesting hand. how about check-calling? fishy guy might have a lot of busted draws which we can bluff-catch. he might even decide to valuebet Kx aswell, so at this point a little more passive line could be better? there's no need to fold in case he's bad enough to raise like KQo/93s or smthn' stupid, and we lose a minimum when he shows up with boats and better 9x.
    thanks for another video, w34z3l. you're probably my best coach so far :3
  • msnek


    4:04 Why we don't need to raise much on this texture ? What is the reasoning behind this ?

    4:39 If this would be heads up and you would check call .. what would be your plan on turn depending on different cards ?

    4:54 I have KTo in 4bet bluffing default range SB vs BB based on ranges you gave us in earlier series. Does this mean you don't have it there anymore ? Or was there some particular reason why you folded ?

    6:00 I can't hear you properly. You were saying a lot of cards will give us gutter OTT ? Or what was it exactly ?

    8:20 How come our hand doesn't need protection ?

    Thx for great video and for answers !
  • Maniatrix


    Glad there is a coach that speaks fluent English here, makes the videos so much easier to watch :)
  • Maniatrix


    Agree with the 98 (two pair) check back on river. Maybe a small bet would have worked against that exact hand but I would never have put villain on QQ+ considering the action on the flop. Then again, no hud+ zoom, kind of hard to get reads.
  • Maniatrix


    38:45 Or he could just be raising because you induced a raise with the 1/3 pot river bet. Would you use that sizing if you had a flush?
  • Maniatrix


    Sorry, posting while viewing.

    59:30 So, if he slowplayed turn with 98 or T9 he actually turned it into a bluff on river there... I could never make that fold. For the sake of the video, it might have been better if you just said "this should be a fold" but made the call just to show us why.