NL $5 Session Review

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  • NL BSS
  • $5
  • Fullring
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  • Shadow01011979


    Very nice video. Very well explained!!!
  • rickydaprince


    nice video! thanks
  • Jeroomm


    Thanks i like really those kind of videos! Keep it up hasenbraten
  • usun


    very nice! I recognized some guys from there :)
    By the way, this skin used it's a bit hard to follow - "grey on grey"
  • tokyoaces


    There is no excuse for not using stats.

    This website provides you with many ways to be able to afford stats even for players of this limit.
  • Stilleris


    good video!
  • dallievas


    Thank you Hasenbraten,exceptionally nice video.Should see every micro player.
    Best hands overpair TT and AK situations,
    valuebeting with QQ.
    Can you make the video for those who use stats-a bit about opp's profiling,play in 3bet pots,valuebeting on river and play with hands which have showdown value.
    Tx :)
  • SheepMoose


    Nice video hasenbraten. Do you play many MTT's? How does you play differ from ring games in an MTT?
  • yolov


    Good job! a question though about the QQ hand on the J72 board - if u were in earlier position. Raising more prefl is clear, let's say there was one caller less prefl, u're first to act and cbet 3/4, the same guy calls, other(s) fold. Turn is same - Ks and u're first to act. What would change in your read and possible moves?
  • NeiuI


    i want do see more, then 4min. only. How i can do it? Thank you!
  • koepkla


  • elisabethp


    I really like that kind of video! Thanks hasenbraten!
  • princeofdamned


    Hello i realy like ur videos, they are great.But minutes before i start watch this video i had a hand like ur last with AK and Set in end. i do almost same, and in the end he comes with A8 and makes his Full house :s and ofc i loose mine stack :d
  • kesmaksab


    i saw u folding AJs twice on the btn ,when there was a raise from EP, isnt that at least a call?
  • Tuvoc


    Thank u for video :D !


    plus E Weeee (+EV)lol Time fly's whilst watching ur vids very educational. Great stuff
  • Erevos


    Lol, this guy is funny too. Good job!