Range Cam Review by double2

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Welcome to the first part of our new Range Cam series. This time two of our no-limit experts clashed together and played a virtual hand against each other.


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  • w34z3l


    btw for the flop situation, if I am defending exactly 1-alpha, then I'm clearly "overfolding" given that you are freerolling equity! This is intentional. The idea is to defend significantly more than 1-alpha on average given I defend by just calling, but most of this gets negated by the fact that you have a huge range advantage and positional advantage. So as I'll go on to mention in my video I consider the flop defense very tight and actually "overfolding". At no point would I just plug in 1-alpha and defend that frequency, this is coincidental =p

    Same applies to preflop btw =p I am not defending 1-alpha, I am clearly "overfolding". This is because the blinds help me to defend, and I also have a positional disadvantage. You should be able to make some auto-profit, otherwise I am defending incorrectly OOP. When the positions are reversed, I should auto-profit also. Any equilibrium will remain in tact across all situations therefore.
  • w34z3l


    Enjoying the vid so far. Btw, would never have expected you to have 55% equity on the flop, which is why piosolver says to overfold so much. Tbh I think you were lucky that your bluffs connected so hard. With the range I gave you your equity edge was smaller, so it wouldn't make sense for me to fold like 66% of the time or something.
  • ladysmith7


    Very smart
  • Pelson7


    Good Video
  • PokerSAM1991


  • Danicek


    Perfect video !!
  • jules97


    Nice video.
  • GingerKid


    Hi, great video, in fact the most interesting I watched.
  • GingerKid


    I think that checking QQ should have significantly higher EV than betting. you hardly have >50% equity vs mp flop defend range, so you are somehow turning it into merged +ev bluff. i would check flop qq, k9s, kk, 78s, a5s. a6s, qts, a2s.
  • GingerKid


    i would also cbet flop with 33% bet size considering range advantage and dry board, that way mp has to defend more low equity hands oop and you are less value heavy comparing to 50% bet size
  • Nikolas2207


  • Danicek


    agree, one of the best videos on psgy. More pio videos would be nice. Also can be interesting to compare multiple sizings. Imo 33% cbet will have higher EV on both flops. Anyway good work !!!
  • Mygaa


    thug life
  • mattyvx


    nice vid, question about the IP 3betting range. I've seen several strategies using suited wheels aces including snowies strategy is set like that. However, why not use hands like KQo or AJo with correct frequencies? KQo has better equity than a5s vs this specific calling range & at my stakes (and probably other stakes) i think people call way to many pocket pairs to 9bb so that adds more merit to use high cards - with reduced SPR traditionally we don't want to play with drawing hands but the merits of wheel aces i guess we make nut draws.
  • mattyvx


    Equity Win Tie
    66.52% 66.10% QQ-99, AJs+, AQo+
    33.48% 33.07% KQo
    32.3% 30.88% A5s
  • double2


    @2 and 3: thanks for the feedback, glad you enjoyed it. okay, point taken, you didn't use MDF to help you come up with your range :) regarding you thinking that you overfold the flop, even if i didn't "get lucky" with my bluffs on that flop I still think MP should play quite snug on that board, I would still XF a whole lot.

    @9 wow, that's very high praise, thanks!

    @10 if you check all those hands I think two things happen:
    a) you let me realize equity with hands I would have a shitty EV when you bet full range
    b) I suspect I would have a huge incentive to XF like crazy. I think your flop plan is not that different from the one I tried to emulate from a "normal" regular, and you saw MP adjusted by playing XR or XF, and he was XFolding a lot.

    @11 probably a good strategy, maybe better than a half pot strategy. what I have been finding is that different betsizing strategies have very marginal differences in EV, but how players play their ranges change significantly. So I'd go for a sizing that combines these two features:
    a) you are comfortable playing that betsize strategy and will not make big mistakes
    b) you think villain will make more mistakes with against that particular betsize strategy

    I think a) is very important, putting yourself in "wtf"spots where you have no clue how to play is not worth it for a small "theoretical" EV difference by using a small sizing.

    @13 thanks a lot!

    @15 you can add some AJo/KQo, that is not a huge issue. An argument could be made that you realize equity better with Axs, but those are assumptions.
  • GingerKid


    "a) you let me realize equity with hands I would have a shitty EV when you bet full range"

    The idea of checking some value hands such as K9s, KK is also to make bet range less value heavy (MP is overfolding vs bet, it is only because your range is value heavy). Usually when you have a big range advantage, and high equity bluffs as you have, one way of making unexploitable cbet range is to check some high equity hands (as KK in this case, maybe some AA), or to reduce the bet size. Otherwise, your range is exploitable, as MP exploited you by overfolding flop (he assumed your range is value heavy and he was correct). Also when you check flop some high equity value hands (which dont need protection and block your defend range as KK, AA), and also check some high EV bluffs (as 87s), then also your check range is not getting much more EV than 0 (probably still 0).
  • GingerKid


    By the way, imo similarly as MP exploited you by overfolding vs flop bet due to your value heavy range, MP also exploited you by overfolding preflop vs 3bet as your range is also value heavy (he assumed that it is, and he was correct). Since you are playing IP vs MP and this way you have significant advantage, you make him "overfold" this can't be good for your EV. Imo you should either reduce 3bet size to force him to call more hands OOP or add more bluffs. You choose 1:1 value bluff ratio preflop, but your bluffs have high equity/playability, which makes your range value heavy. I know that if you increase number of bluffs in 3bet range that you might get exploitable vs 4bet, but you can 5bet shove some A2s-A5s, or create some 3bet/call range to overcome that problem.
  • mattyvx


    if checking range is zero or close to zero EV and villian is overfolding then cbetting 100% should be better because if villian has to overfold therefore we have autoprofit & then betting is >0 EV. Also generally i think we should just take auto profit spots overall if they appear as it should simplify the overall game tree where in most cases vs 99% of villians it does not need to become more complex or tricky lines unless there is an exploitable reason to do so like villian will go batsh*t crazy vs a check for example
  • mattyvx


    overall interesting concept because in theory we should overfold but this is assuming a fixed strategy. In practice, personally i think i would notice that you were fold way too much to cbets in 3b pots and adjust by 3betting & cbetting more. This can't be modelled in Pio so there is probably a balance between overfolding & not allowing a competent player to take advantage of that. Then, i also assume you would notice i'd widened my range at some point in time and start 4betting wider.... but depending on stats that could be a while & then if we want that preflop levelling war
  • GingerKid


    "if checking range is zero or close to zero EV and villian is overfolding then cbetting 100% should be better because if villian has to overfold therefore we have autoprofit & then betting is >0 EV."
    If your bet range is value heavy and thus you make villain overfold, yes you have autoprofit with your bluffs, but you get less value with value hands. Autoprofit with bluffs is good if your range is bluff heavy. If your range is value heavy and villain overfolds, he exploited you, it is simple.
  • tonybanks


    good . thx