Play Loose, Win Big - Defend The Button As Wide As You Can

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $25 - $100
  • Shorthanded
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Our coach presents another piece from his series "Play Loose, Win Big". This time he is focusing on the most profitable position at a poker table - the button. Enjoy!


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Comments (16)

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  • sevencloth


    okay, i'll try
  • tukioppilas62


    Opening any2 from button just because there is a "fish" on the BB is just very bad advice. There are very many different types of fish who do different types of stuff but mainly we make money vs. fish with our valuebets.

    Vs. any atleast okay regs who defend their blinds properly we can not usually open 50% from button. This may work at 50nl or at 25nl or vs. weaker nl100 regulars but nowhere above that. It's an exploitative play.
  • tukioppilas62


    35-40% is close to optimal button range minraising.
  • asimos


    #2 I would re-phrase: vs a fish that we know how to exploit post flop... to be more accurate. I agree we make the most money by value betting, that doesn't mean that we other holdings the more +EV play is to fold pre-flop.

    50% rfi: I agree it is an exploitative play, I didn't claim it is gto, but can you prove that 40% is the optimal?

    Lastly I agree it works up to 100nl (vs some particular regs maybe I would open tighter (very rare), but vs most of them I open looser). For higher limits I can't prove it is profitable (yet) :)
  • Tzevtkoff


    I have question, UTG nit open CO calls we are at the btu, what is our calling range here ? so much suited hands but what about offsuited hands ?
  • tukioppilas62


    playing minR strategy pokersnowie is suggesting 38.5% button and pretty much all top NLHE players play preflop similar style online so I guess preflop is pretty much solved.

    I haven't done the math though. ;)
  • asimos


    #6 I don't like to call a lot with offsuited hands. Prolly I just squeeze with those (depend of course on the Villains and the players behind).
  • asimos


    #7 You see, 1/3 or 33% you have the best hand anyway... I don't think your advantage having the position + the initiative is such small to just open 35%.

    When we play hu we open 100% on the btn, or close to that. So if sb doesn't adapt or adapts badly we should be able to open relatively looser (the worse the sb the closer we should open to hu range).

    Regarding the top NLHE, I don't know to who you refer, but I have one of the larger win rates at 100 zoom and I don't play that style :) ... though I have to admit that most regs play a 22/19 style (including the winners).
  • Aceman4


    i'll try it will help
  • porterci


    the word "ahh" is used 62 times the first three minutes, sorry buddy but you gotta work on that :)
  • Tzevtkoff


    Thx Asimos. Your videos help me a lot.
  • asimos


    #11 ahh, ok.. I ll try in this direction :)
  • asimos


    #12 you are welcome :)
  • GingerKid


    HI. Imo in order to open any two, you need either enough FE preflop (which you dont have vs fish) or enough FE postflop (most of the fish fold enough on flop, but dont fold on turn, so I think that it is ok with position). Off course in order that this works out well with any two, some discipline and skills are required, to avoid bluffing in bad spots, or calling too loose (if you know that, then you are a big winner likely and you already know when you should be opening any 2).
  • GingerKid


    By the way, since you say that your loose play is very profitable on NL100 and that you are a big winner, what is your overall winrate on NL100, and did you try playing NL200, and if yes, do you also play so loose on NL200? Also, did you try playing lately NL100, but standard ranges preflop (not your standard loose) and compared your winrate to your loose strategy? Imo, your high winrate comes mainly because you are bluffing in good spots, folding in good spots, value betting solid, choosing bet sizes, and not because of your loose open raises, which are anyway marginal +EV as you posted in other videos.
  • asimos


    #16 Hi. I agree that the win rate mainly comes from postflop, rather than just the preflop style. Mine is around 5bb/100 at 100 zoom. At 200 zoom I don't have a sample yet, still making adaptions and working to see what exactly works.

    Haven't tried to play just standard ranges preflop recently, .. it's kind of tough for me to do sth like that :), since I always think about the opponents and try to adapt accordingly.