No HUD Hold'em on NL2

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $2
  • Shorthanded
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No HUD - no problem! Our coach vonki, will show you how can you gather very useful information on microstakes without a HUD.


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  • VitoDeus


    Starting on Pokerstrategy now, and im loving it!! Thanks for all the material!
    I hope i can better my game!
  • forphalcom


    hi you
  • Rihard4a


    because having less information definitely benefits your game...
  • vonki


    #2: Glad you're liking it! I'm sure you'll be able to improve your game!

    #3: Hello you too :)

    #4: It for sure can. Keep in mind these videos are created for a microstakes target and not for the stakes and skills where you're at. ;)
  • serethor


    For me, HUD only distracting me at microstakes ;) I play much better without it. :)
  • Rihard4a


    #6 it's not HUD that distracts you, but not knowing how to use it.
  • andiofwbafc


    This is an absolutely fantastic video, It's all very important information.

    I especially agree with the timing tells which you described.

    Thank you Vonki!
  • NilAkas588


  • mohcinmh


    awsome feshfoshiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
  • JoaoJPL


    video incredible
  • vlajaha


    I hope i can better my game!
  • vlajaha


    This is an absolutely fantastic video, It's all very important information.

    I especially agree with the timing tells which you described.
  • vonki


    Thank you very much guys!
  • maga246


    cool game is poker
  • mehdigivara


    cool game is poker
  • Feck82


  • infinite01


    nice vid. very helpful for beginners. :)
  • Hermelo


    Very good video, thank you.

    I am policing myself to only play on the smaller micro stakes and for sure there was a lot of stuff to be learnt from your video.

    I was kind of shocked when you fold 88 to a raise pre-flop, but your explanation of the 20x raise concept was really helpful and thinking about it does make sense. Other spots like when on the river you bet 0.17 villain raised another 0.17 you decided to let it go was really spot on... Those things make you avoid trouble spots and focus on the ones that make you make money with +E.V. decisions.

    The things you comment are also good to pay attention where playing live, sure there is more time to observe tells but also there won´t be any HUD. :D
  • msp3101


    Thanks for sharing. I'm enjoying my first day at Poker Strategy school. :)
  • vonki


    Thank you guys so much for the kind comments!

    @ Hermelo: Yes, it certainly would help also in live games! I hope you fair well on your poker adventures :) Thank you for the detailed feedback, its very aprechiated!
  • 3yefish


    Hey, nice to see it is possible to play without HUD still at nowadays.
    I came just back to poker after very long time, playing atm in NL2 without tracking programs. So this video kind of gave me little spark.
    Hope to see a lot of new videos :) Thumb up
  • vonki


    #22: Welcome back to poker! :) best of luck!
  • ritschy22


    Hi vonki,

    thats actually a pretty damn cool video!

    Becoz it includes strategy ..gameplay and personal assumptions together on a helpful and symphatic way.

    Keep on going the great work ;)

    *nice voice btw*
  • vonki


    Hi ritschy22!

    That, is some very kind feedback! Thank you! :) I am very glad that you liked it.
  • xedap18


  • CraftyS


    Thanks for the video! I'm playing at a site right now that isn't supported by a hud and every bit helps!
  • vonki


    You're most welcome! :)
  • sickb0y77


    Hi! Nice Video in the first place.

    Spontaneously, one question came up while watching:
    How reliable are these timing reads?
    Because what I can observe in my own playstyle and in others people's playstyle is, that people try to be tricky more and more, instead of playing constantly in one way.

    Therefore, many players try to create an impression of a weak hand by - especially instantly- checking flop and turn.

    The reason is, that people feel like that: They raise their AQ/AK PF and have one caller. Ace pops up on the flop and they expect to earn nothing when betting. At this point, many players decide to bait out at least a few cents of their opponent(s).

    I have the same doubts about the sizing tells. It can be a sign of weakness, but it could also mean: Hey Dude, it only costs you a little part of the pot - be fair and pay me!

    What do you think about these things? I have the feeling that tells can often be interprated diversely. Do you have a tip regarding this, like evaluating possible tells?

  • vonki



    As always, we can only make generalisations. Not everyone has the same tells, for sure. But if 8/10 players do, it's still a good enough plan to go with the tells. And instachecks are then again slightly different then just "quick checks" which is a second or two. Instachecks usually also mean that you are paying attention to the hand.

    Size tells is the same thing. Some recreational player will mindonk with a really strong hand as well. But in my experience, mindonks are weak hands and really large bets are strong hands.

    Best thing to do is just observe your opponents and write down notes on them what hand they showed up with after instachecking, instabetting, using a certain size etc.

    The more experience you get the easier it will be to realize these reads. :)

    Best of luck to you!
  • 177272


    Loved it , TY
  • spidersense


    thank you great video!
  • spidersense


    Thanks again i just became addicted to notetaking (i was always too lazy to actualy do it)! Also thanks for the 20% rule i was never sure when to call with small middle pairs and i just started color coding for the first time. Simple video but powerful!
  • vonki


    @177272 & spidersense:

    Thanks guys for your kind words! Really appreciate the feedback!