SNG $11 Session Review

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $11
  • Fullring
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series Session Review

Comments (10)

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  • freakyphil


    Nice session review as usual TheNose. A good amount of tough spots, laydowns and ofc lots and lots of fish.

    Aslong as your bad luck don't rub off on me I'll be looking forward to the next part :)
  • allurchips


    bery well thought out and spoken video look forward to part 2 :) (think i might have called with the aj v 98) but thats just me
  • Shaba79


    resteal with pocket 2s with a healthy stack was a bit too loosee imo. Apart from that the video is pretty good.
    Finally someone with a good sharkscope stat.
  • Cagey75


    Calling others fish when you re-raise with pocket 2's? Just an opinion, maybe you were the fish in that one yeah ...
  • mpking1


  • RacoonCity


    Some good laydowns, respect! I am still wondering if its the right ting to do playing speed SG where its more about luck than skill? By the way, The poker startegy table background has sadly poor graphics which hurt the eyes of the spectator. Its much better to use the original poker sites layout!
  • MrGroggy


    First! gutes Viedeo!
  • tandil99


    @ sounds totaly like german accent :D
  • Claudiadobre


    Very long and very boring, very few hands that whar a nobrainer. Thats just my opinion. try to include more hands you have for god sake almost an hour. Peace out!
  • jimmy99x


    good session . thanks