Playing Loose on NL50 Zoom

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Our coach plays a regular session on NL50 live, showing you how to effectively use looser ranges in practice.


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  • mustafa30471


    good good game)
  • alexandr7799945


    very good
  • Wladeczek80


    Very good
  • Wladeczek80


    But is this a loose play....?
  • AFM1984


  • JimmkCZ


    thanks for teaching...but I dont understand Playing Loose, Can you explain?
  • MaximaLBY




  • habeichja


    why is cbetting AKo good vs 2 on 38Tr Flop min 1:18, u have so much sd value and villains range crush the board see no reason to bluff.

    many poor explanations in first 4min :(
  • asimos


    #10 well we have sd value, but we are not going to see the river vs 2, check- calling is not attractive, check-folding is kind of weak and AK is one of the best (no pair, no semi bluff / back doors) bluffs you can have.
  • asimos


    #5 There are some examples of loose plays, i.e. J3s open from utg (2:18).

    In principle, in order to play loose you need to have good reads of your opponents. Since this is not my main limit, I play mostly vs unknowns (even the hh I have i can''t trust a lot cause is quite old). Thus, is kind of difficult to play such loose.

    Having that said, in the live sessions I play sth around 31/25 which is way far from the standard 21/19.
  • GingerKid


    j3s 2:18, you said there is a fish in blinds so you open looser. But since you made so quick open raise (not having time to look for other opponents in detail), it means that you think the other opponents are not a problem for your j3s? at the time you get called or 3bet, you can expect to loose money vs other opponents, it might be +EV vs fish in isolation (once he calls you), but I can't beleive that it can be +EV open raise. Similar for K8s open raise from the MP, you open raised so quickly, I dont think that you had time to look for all players behind.
  • GingerKid


    3:10 As2d, you call BB vs UTG probably because of good pot odds with a hand which plays poorly postflop OOP and is dominated. On flop you have a gutshot, but you just fold vs 45% bet size, you said without equity you fold? Probably I guess you didn't notice that you have a gutshot and overcard and very good pot odds? You mentioned that villain is a fish, here also i am not convinced that A2o is playing OOP +EV.
  • GingerKid


    11:40 AcJc, you c/f, even though you have 2 good overcards and villain hits the board poorly which means that you can expect enough of FE, you also block JJ.
  • asimos


    #15 Since this is not my main limit I don't have a lot of stats of the opponents. However, I try to play loose since the topic is "play loose"... pretending sometimes that the conditions are ok (even if villains are unknown or with small hh).

    In vacuum at this limit if the players through the btn are regs (on the tight side regs) I think opening looser when there is a fish in the bb is +EV. Cause I don't do it such often, so they can't know.

    Facing a 3bet or get called and having to play oop are the worse scenarios, but not the only ones when we open :)
  • asimos


    #16 A2o is a defend vs a btn min raise, so I can see why shouldn't be a defense vs a min raise from a fish (who has wide range even when opens from utg -- at least this is my assumption).

    Marginal decision on the flop, we have the gutshot and over card..but are not clear outs, I don't think the EV between calling and folding differs so much.

    Maybe I didn't notice the gutshot during play.
    But in any case call now to bluff the fish later is not such attractive in vacuum.
  • asimos


    #17 Villain is marked as a fish, so I don't believe I have enough fe. His range is not the one of a reg, Blocking JJ vs this guy I think is not relevant :)
  • Angel82it


  • Aceman4


    Thanks for information