Crazy Spots at NL500 Zoom

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $500
  • Shorthanded
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Our coach prepared another very exciting and full of action video from NL500 Zoom. Enjoy!


high stake live session mid stakes PokerStars Robert Kuhn tough spots Zoom

Comments (9)

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  • 18sm


    nice !!!!!!!
  • zulunation


    thx :-)
  • Zolotarsp


    In the AQ hand at 23:50 I'd snap call. Quite often fish shows totally random 2 cards in those spots. In fact, in very similar hand I've playd recently opponent jammed 4th pocket into my TP. Though it was only 100nl, I doubt recreational players are a lot smarter 2 stakes higher.

    Also, "Hit flushes on the river, that's good" - thank you, great advice, gonna do exactly that now =D
  • texaslimit


    AQ hand depends on viewpoint.AQ is really ver close to top of our range in that Spot,only better hands I see us potentionally having is JJ and 99.We have never the str8s and QJ either.Only other hands that might be here are AsTs and QQ if we decide to call that too instead of reraising pre.
  • Infiesta


    very funny and interesting, thanks a lot sir
  • LorD231984


    A7s was heavily overplayed I assume. 3 street bet in 4bet pot COvsblinds.
  • Gucchico


  • T2323T


    Thank you, guy! Interesting video for beginner level players!
  • ricke84