User Hands Under Review - Reiseleiter on NL25

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  • NL BSS
  • $25
  • Shorthanded
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Our coach reviewed some very interesting hands provided by our user Reiseleiter.


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    nice, if you raise in SB because they fold to much on BB, and they do, many more then 60% and average is like 57-60%, so if you steal the SB you dont have to win much if called, so of course you can bluff some flops, but in my opinion it is good to have a very small cbet range then, you also want to check your TPWK type hands and your second pair hands, because they usually step one and then stop, so if you calculate the ev of the raise with the folds the raises you see that you need very little if called.
    I really calculatd hours and hours also on 3-bet pots if you 3-bet BB vs Co or BTN and they usually fold and not 4-bet light that much, so in general you make more money in the vaccum with 3-betting with mostly all of your hands, but of course you dont want to have a to high 3-bet value, so you can take hands that are just strong enouph to call without rake and again you can calculate and with the Stealvalue you only need very low Equity if called again many opponents and your realisation is also better because you have initiative, so constructing ranges here is very tought but necessary to have a very solid preflop gameplan.
  • waterbar1860


    good and very nice...