More than Top Pair: Play AT-AQ correctly

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $2 - $20
  • Shorthanded
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AT to AQ can give you a good top pair. KTU will tell you in this video how you can increase your winrate by following our guidelines on how to play these strong hands.



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  • serethor


    These 2-3 value bets in steal situations are only when we hit TP on flop right? Or that doesn;t mater and we even value betting with air? :D
  • AgapieGheorghe


    If u have air then you can´t realy say the bet is for value i think.
  • Tigerschnuff


  • Mibrownie


    good hand and execution


  • soncce


    superrr nh
  • ehfred


    Definately a helpful video. I always used to play AJ-AK stronger.
  • akifsadeed01


    good one
  • kingofgam6896


    thank you
  • andiofwbafc


    Thankyou, for this video. Certainly a few situations where I probably havent been playing these hands optimally which of course I can now address.
  • kamalJ5


  • 333mister22


    very interesting video. thanks for it.
  • 3yefish


    I agree with #7.
    These hands been my trouble, especially AQ/AJ, because too aggressive play. Must think again in the tables. Thank you for Video.
  • Rilen


    what about CB ?