NL $200 SSS Multitabling Live Video

  • NL SSS
  • NL SSS
  • $200
  • Fullring
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Live Video sixtabling Titan Poker

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  • PidKoker


    I can only dream of playing that many tables at once
  • mishuq


    thx again xarry! another nice video ;)
    imo, another advantage of multitabling except for fast bonus clearing or big amount of rake would be the fact that when you play that many tables, you can't tilt so easily because're aware of the fact that you're not able to play your A-game, don't have time to complain about one lost BI because of the other tables continuing to pop up, don't always notice if you lost due to a suckout (perhaps the biggest tilt reason for beginners from what I've seen) and 4. if you play according to xarry's advice about multitabling only on limits you've easily beaten already, you know that a few lost BIs while playing 16 tables isn't that much for your br and should not affect your overall win rate when including rakeback, bonuses, points and upswings
  • Agiz19


    i come to 5:39 and it stops
  • killiah


    i have always wondered, how to arrange 16 tables on the screen...
    and the misclicks are in deed predestinated
  • cronyx


    i've got a question. Are bettings scrips allowed? and if they are allowed, where i can find it?
  • LePokerMonster


    the Most easier way to play this many tables, I think, is to play on two monitors couse that way it's way more easier to arrange tables so you have really good overview.
  • petwalt


    hi xarry! i really appreciate ur vids generally. this one is the worst i`ve seen. no content, especially because of cascade multitabling. i would like to see more informative vids in future. max. 9 tabling please.
  • dandycal


    @petwalt: I think the goal of this video was really to give us an idea of a multitabling session, not at all to focus on the hands themselves.

    With that in mind I thought it was a great video, I got some good insights about multitabling. Thanks Xarry!
  • petwalt


    @dandy: u are right. but my starting point is another one: the goal is extreme discutable. the mass of users dont need to see that. there are articles in the strategy section which concentrate on multitabling. even in the forum interested users will receive help by starting multitabling...
  • xarry2


    hey guys, sorry for answering so late. I just arrived at home from easter holidays.

    @cronyx: since i'm not using betting scripts I cant give you a profund answer. but as far as I know you can use them on many poker sites. you could take a look at the poker-rooms forums in order to find out which site allows scripts.

    @petwalt/dandycal: thanks for your opinion. I agree totally with you. this video just gives an insight into multitabling but actually not much content.
    you must know that this vid is pretty old (I think I made it in fall of last year) there was a plan to make more about multitabling sss. thus I made the video. however these plans weren't realized. I currently also don't plan to make more of this style, not only because its not good for conveying content but also since I'm not a real SSS multitabler.
    the next videos will be full of 4table content again ;)

  • Subar


    xarry, u should buy urself 30" monitor, like Dell 3008WFP for example :)
  • neolt1983LT


    gutes video, weiter so.